best mince pies wimbledon

Best Mince Pie in Wimbledon

Our handpicked judges taste test eight festive pastries to select the best mince pie in Wimbledon

We love a mince pie in the Time & Leisure office. Our team are dedicated to sampling a wide variety every year, in search of the ultimate Christmas treat. This year, we brought together a distinguished panel of judges to join us in tasting the fine array of mince pies available at the best cafes and bakeries in Wimbledon Town Centre.

The mince pie entries

We partnered with our friends at Love Wimbledon who organised a festive selection of mince pies from around the town centre. Centre Court shopping centre laid out a sumptuous Christmas feast for the judging to take place at Queens Rd Market. The judges chose their favourite hot beverage of choice and got down to the serious business of taste testing.

Soggy Bottoms

Channelling their inner Prue Leith, the judges gave points for the different categories. Marks were given for appearance, pastry, filling flavour, the ratio of filling to pastry, X factor and, in the words of Bake Off presenter Mary Berry, whether it had a ‘soggy bottom’. We’re pleased to report, none suffered from soggy bottoms.

Mince pies
Best Mince Pie in Wimbledon Competition

The Judges

The Love Wimbledon team and Time & Leisure joined forces with Centre Court Shopping Centre and invited special guest judge Nick Parr from New Wimbledon Theatre and Brendan Dean from Ashworth Solicitors. The judges commented on the quality and artistry of the mince pies, festively displayed for the tasting. There was a huge variety of Christmas flavours, pastry texture and presentation – stars proved very popular and added to the hand crafted look.

Best Mince Pie in Wimbledon Competition

And the winners are….

The Best Mince Pie in Wimbledon

Best overall:  Costa with special mentions to Leon and Patisserie Valerie

Runners-up Leon and Patisserie Valerie

Best pastry to filling ratio: Pret A Manger

Best appearance: Elys restaurant

Best gluten-free: Health Zone



Costa, Digbys, Elys, Health Zone, Leon, Luma Café, Patisserie Valerie, Pret A Manger

Thank all the businesses for their tasty submissions and the judges who took part. Please Note: this is not an exhaustive list of where you can buy mince pies in Wimbledon Town Centre.