Corine Sellers Princess Prosecco

Corine Sellers – Princess Prosecco

Leading business woman, Corine Sellers, talks to us about her exciting concept Corine, tell us how you started Princess P

I swapped a highly successful career in media to launch my dream business. I was able to combine my love for Prosecco with my passion for offering women and Prosecco-lovers the chance to enjoy the drink in the best possible way. I ensured the quality of the product by teaming up with local Italian vineyards from the Veneto region to produce a Prosecco in the traditional method, with minimum chemicals and added derivatives. All packaging is bio-degradable, my shippers are plastic-free, the filler I used is made of recycled coffee cups and the website is carbon-neutral. Both of my Proseccos are gluten & dairy free and vegan too.

When did you decide on founding your own company? I always planned that when I approached 50 I would look to make a career switch. I saw launching my business as a way of giving myself greater freedom and to express my creativity. So I took the leap!

What contributes most to your success?

1. Network

Create a good support network for you and your business – It can get lonely being an entrepreneur.

2. Read Books – at least one a month

It does not have to be entrepreneurial but one I read recently is ‘Little Black Book’ by Otegha Uwagba. Reading is relaxing, you can get consumed by the business and it’s a great way to get you inspired.

3. Get organised 

It’s a boring one – but don’t underestimate what good planning and lists can do to keep your business and your sanity on track!

4. Feed your Brain 

Keep at least one hour a week for training and development. I read plenty, listened to podcasts, attended talks, watched ‘Youtube how to’ videos since I started my own business. Youtube is a great tool, from learning innovative gift wrapping to making Boozy bear ice cubes, it’s a lot of fun!

5. Identifying a gap in the market

While Prosecco is fast becoming the millennial female drink of choice, the purchasing experience does not currently match aspiration for convenience and personalisation.

Traditional wine clubs lack youth appeal and offer no dedicated Prosecco subscription model. Purchases are made ad-hoc from proximity retailers or grocery retailers, with no brand loyalty or recall, the decision most often motivated by a £10 price point and a nice enough label.

We offer Prosecco by the bottle, the case, in a subscription and gift sets. Organic, vegan, we cater for all Prosecco lovers.

Princess Prosecco

“What’s not to love! Delivered to my door, a box of goodies all for me – the Prosecco is some of the best Fizz I have tasted. Love the cocktail ideas each month and the different additional surprises to the box. Each time it’s such a lovely touch. A great gift idea but most enjoyed as a monthly subscription.”

Lisa S. Kent.

What are your plans for the future?

Princess.P is an adventure and we have many exciting partnerships coming up in 2019. The brand is gaining momentum and awareness is building up.

We have reached 10k followers across our various media channels. We are looking at more events in 2019. I really like the idea of doing something consumer-facing. I hear so much about the death of the High Street and it makes me a little sad while Amazon and Ebay have key roles to play there is still a need for people to take a stroll, meet others face-to-face, have an experience and connect. I have a cool idea for a retail concept bringing together our brand sense of fun, quality and heritage, so will actively be looking for a pop-up location. Watch this space.

Princess Prosecco

The Subscription Gift Box:

Customers receive their gift box in the first week of the month, to the address of their choice From £28.50 + postage for each month customers receive a gift box and 750ml bottle of Princess.P Prosecco

Simply go online and sign up to receive their hassle-free supply of Prosecco thanks to Princess Prosecco Prosecco Club. Each month they receive a bottle or two to their named address in a gift-box fit for royalty.