Giggling Squid review

Giggling Squid review

We find a summery oasis for a wintry night

With bright displays of tropical flowers covering walls and ceiling, The Giggling Squid in Kingston is a fab spot for a cold night and is so cheery it instantly dispels the pandemic gloom. The restaurant is divided into three distinct spaces and it can be a tricky feat to pull off but on our visit just before lockdown2, each area was buzzing with locals, shoppers and after-workers who come for the well-known Thai staples.

Alongside all the favourites such as red curries and spring rolls, there’s a new menu designed to keep the winter chill at bay. To start, we tried Mah Kwan Pepper Pork Belly, which was deliciously sweet and sticky. We also tried the Betel Beef on Sugar-cane Skewers, which we were intrigued to try but the texture didn’t quite work for me, with the beef a little oily.

I can’t resist a Thai curry and we opted for a Paneang with chicken. It’s described as another form of red curry – it was a hit and just what we needed on a cold night. Soft-shell Pranee Prawns, meanwhile, were perfectly cooked and worked well with the fresh jicama and mint salad. A little less sugar and a bit more zing would have made the dish spot on for my taste. Pineapple and coconut sorbet was a great palette cleanser and comes with a dash of Mekhong spirit. There’s a kids menu too. Ours enjoyed a pad Thai with prawns and some satay skewers.

Service is absolutely delightful, and we loved the ambience.

While the lockdown continues, or if you simply fancy a night in, The Giggling Squid offers takeaway with delivery or click and collect. And via Deliveroo.