patty & bun review

Patty & Bun – Northcote Road review

Patty & Bun – Northcote Road review

Cool, laid-back burger restaurant a stone’s throw from Clapham Junction

Patty & Bun, The new lovely feature by Northcote Road – just a stone’s throw away from the Clapham Junction – is a welcoming, stripped-back restaurant for when you crave a burger but simultaneously require good meat quality.  

Interior design is clearly “Americanising”, in the style that graces streets of London nowadays in numbers borderline concerning, namely that of “hip restaurants for hip young people with hip playlists streaming from the speakers”. More Shoreditch than Battersea, however, due to being a “young person” indeed (although my hipness might be contested), I can’t say I don’t enjoy that vibe. 

Whilst waiting for my companion, I ordered a cherry cocktail, and, honestly a bit to my surprise, I must admit it was one of the best cherry cocktails I have had in my life. Very strong, very cold, very sweet, and very refreshing, it might not be the cocktail for the experiment lovers out there but, for the life of me, it was absolutely delicious.  

But not in cocktail alone doth man live, and so went for April’s “burger of the month” which turned out quite delicious indeed. Created in collaboration with the musician Dave Murkage, with an aged beef patty and smoked streaky bacon, oozing American cheese sauce and delicious relish and served in a crispy brioche bun, it was absolutely indulgent. This month, they boast Norman’s X Patty burger – a mash-up of burger and breakfast that promises the best of both worlds. Frankly speaking, many poetic things can be said about burgers at Patty & Bun, but one strikes most: its mammoth variety. Seriously. Garlic parsley butter, cumin aioli, feta, buttermilk baby courgettes and pickled aubergine are among many ingredients used in the restaurant – you could probably eat there every week for a year and don’t have the same thing twice, especially with changing burgers of the month.  

My friend opted for a Lambshank Redemption – I took a bite (because of course I did) and I’m very happy to admit that the taste is much better than the name pun. It really melts in your mouth! The sides (chips and boneless fried chicken thighs with chilli butter) were delicious, too, and the portions generous.  

Overall, it’s a great place serving really high-quality meats in indulgent brioche buns with a fantastic selection of additional ingredients. Super yummy – and a cool (and hip) experience overall.