summer cocktails Tequila Mockingbird

Summer cocktails

Summer cocktails

Anize Keers reveals 10 signature cocktails to try in south west London this summer

Frosé at Megan’s 

Seeking something light and sweet in this heat? Try this taste of strawberry, elderflower and rosé, frozen for the perfect cool down. This Mediterranean-inspired restaurant with an interior of fairy lights, macramé, hanging bamboo lights and rope details, will surely transport you to the tropics this summer.  

Location: Kingston, Wimbledon & more.  Website:

The Candyman at Incognito

For those with a sweet tooth, this delightfully sugary cocktail mixes vanilla vodka with rhubarb vodka combined with lemon sherbet, lemon juice and blueberry hibiscus soda. However, the drink is not served alone, it arrives with a miniature claw machine game, which you play to try and win a prize. This unique cocktail experience immerses you in a wonderland reminiscent of a childhood story. With a crafted rainforest and miniature hot air balloons floating around as you venture through the entrance alone, Incognito brings theatrics and décor together to offer an unforgettable fun experience.

Location: Richmond & Kingston. Website:

Berries N’ Cream at Tequila Mockingbird (pictured top)

This fruity and creamy drink blends Tequila Rose and Blanco Tequila with Malibu, grenadine, and pineapple juice to create a perfect summery refreshment. With 26 cocktails and two sharers, the drinks menu offers something to everyone’s taste. The lull of dark lighting contrasted with bright neon signs sets the mood for relaxation while equally getting you in the party mood. The new launch of a karaoke room at the Clapham Junction location and happy hour running every day for four hours (three hours on Saturdays), makes for the perfect night out this summer. Equally, the riverside garden at the Putney venue is the perfect place to relax and take in gorgeous views paired with delicious summer drinks.

Location: Putney, Clapham Junction & more. Website:



Itsy Bitsy Appletini at Woody’s, Kingston

Soak up the sun on the banks of the Thames, cocktail in hand, courtesy of this independently owned local bar in Kingston. For a cool bitter but sweet taste opt for this apple fusion of vodka, homemade apple sour liqueur, apple juice, lime juice, gomme syrup, rhubarb bitters and dried apple garnish. This local business hosts a range of events including quizzes and live music and with the Thames on its doorstep, this hidden gem is a must for the summer weather.

Location: Kingston. Website:

Pick Your Poison at The Alchemist, Embassy Gardens

A sharing cocktail for two, this new addition to the delectable menu is designed to ‘inject more fun into late-night drinking’. Will you choose the blood-red blend of Mount Gay Black Barrel rum, Cointreau, strawberry, lime and orgeat? Or risk the icy blue mix of Mount Gay Black Barrel rum, yuzu, citrus and disco blue. The experience in this sharer comes in the pour. Inspired by the legends of the Ming Dynasty, the drinks are poured at the same time from an ‘assassins teapot’. The Alchemist, and its new menu, are sure to offer a decadent and mesmeric experience you won’t want to miss this summer.

Location: Embassy Gardens & more. Website:


Sketch at Goldfinch, Tooting

This smooth indulgence combines bourbon whisky, white chocolate, lemon, blueberry and aquafaba for a sweet treat. The warming amber tones and dim lights make for an inviting atmosphere. With a small courtyard at the back of the bar, this bar offers exquisite drinks in an ideal location for enjoying the summer heat.

Location: Tooting. Website:

Royal Res at Jak’s Kings Road, Chelsea

This bubbly berry blend mixes vodka, raspberries, lime juice, crème de framboise, Amaretto and champagne, creating a delightful fruity beverage which is perfect for basking in the summer heat. The laid-back cosy Mediterranean bar has low sofas and vintage furnishing, creating a relaxed ambience.

Location: Chelsea. Website:

Zombie at Tonight Josephine, Clapham

In need of something stronger? Challenge yourself with this fiery (they literally light it on fire!) concoction of Bacardi Carta Oro, Carta Negra, Absinthe, and Grenadine mixed with pineapple juice and tiki spices. Tonight Josephine is renowned for their events and themed brunches, ranging from drag themes to Mamma Mia sing-a-longs. For a much-needed special night out, Tonight Josephine is ready to host.

Location: Clapham & more. Website:

Golden Peacock at Rock & Rose, Richmond

A tropical combination of mango-infused vodka, Amaretto, passion fruit, pineapple and citrus, this exotic flavour is sure to quench your summer thirst. Glamour and femininity shine through in the design of this Richmond restaurant. Serving freshly prepared Asian and Mediterranean-style food, and tantalizing cocktails, paired with the leafy and floral interior, this is the perfect summer hide-out.

Location: Richmond and Chiswick. Website: 

Palm Beach Punch at Neverland 

This refreshingly sweet blend of rum, peach liqueur, passionfruit, pineapple, grenadine and orange, makes for the perfect cocktail of fruity summer flavours for the desired sugar high. Bringing the movie-like beach club style alive, you’ll find day beds, huts & cabanas for you to feel like you’ve escaped abroad in this hidden city haven. The bar also offers some competitive fun, try your hand at beer pong, shuffleboard or interactive darts in the games area. 

Location: Fulham. Website: