Child’s Play – Your Child’s Ideal Bedroom

Create a dreamy bedroom for kids

Design the perfect retreat for little ones that can adapt as they grow… 

Main image: Play Tower Children’s Bed by Lifetime Kids

1. Make it a space they will love

Just because a child will grow out of a phase, it doesn’t mean you should hold off on adding elements they will really love to make their room their own.

CIRCU Kids Bedroom

Rugs, duvets and lamps will provide an instant lift that can be easily swapped out as your child moves on to the next phase. If you do want to go for a look that won’t date so much, a nautical seaside vibe or subtle stripes or florals can work well.

CIRCU Kids, CIRCU The Multiverse Bedroom, Ella Kids Teepee Bed   

2. Statement Walls

Walls can be changed fairly easily, too. Zone areas with colours, or add playful wallpaper or a mural – if you’re not sure how long your little one will want to keep a design, choose wall stickers that can be easily removed but come in large format designs for impact. If you’re painting, opting for wipeable paint. A gallery wall can really personalise a space with favourite photos, pictures and their own framed artwork.

3. Sleepovers and more

As your child grows, they will love having their friends to stay. Trundle beds come in to their own. With small kids’ rooms, a bespoke bed design creates character and an area kids can play in. A tepee bed for example can transformed as often as your child likes with accessories, fairy lights and a few changes of materials. Go one step further and add steps and slides and even climbing walls.  

Painted Furniture Company

4. Keep it cosy

While the room may need to function as a space to play, study or bring friends, think quick wins to make it into a calming retreat for night-times. Look at bespoke cupboards and wardrobes to make use of every area available to store toys, books and spare bedding. Add in soft bedside lighting and plenty of storage to quickly tidy away toys or school work. Add in soft blankets, cushions and quilts.  

Jellycat Amuseable Doughnut, XV Signature Cushion (Nautical)

5. Study Time

Small craft tables with quirky chairs are ideal for small tots to get in touch with their creative side. As they get older, a proper well-lit desk and chair will offer a place to study. In smaller spaces, a drop down desk can come in useful. Create cosy reading nooks in unused corners with bean bags and blankets.