Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa-Like Retreat

Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa-Like Retreat

Transform your bathroom into the ultimate space for relaxation

Main image: Alexander James Interior Design

Aluxury bathroom where you can relax and escape the stresses of the world is a top priority for many of us, with spa-like qualities increasingly in demand. And we don’t want to share with other members of our household, either, with the numbers of bathrooms per property also on the increase. We’re getting more creative with our bathrooms, too.

Members of The British Institute of Interior Design note growing trends for the likes of two separate bathrooms in the principal suite, walk-through wardrobes that lead on to the bathroom and incorporating features that you might typically find in a living room.  

John Cullen Lighting

In the US, there is often more bathrooms than bedrooms, but here opinion is divided, with home-owners weighing up whether spaces can be better utilised – for a home office, for example, rather than yet another bathroom. 

Explains Liam Bailey from LArchitects: “It has become common for super prime projects to require an en-suite bathroom for every double bedroom. For many properties, a master bedroom en-suite and a large family bathroom are typically sufficient, although this may vary based on the size of the space. If a luxury-sized double bedroom can accommodate a small en-suite, it is seen as a bonus.” 

We’re also getting more creative. “Bathroom designs are becoming increasingly intricate, with clients envisioning them as a distinct interior package that can deviate from the main house finishes. There is a growing demand for more elaborate tiles, fixtures, and fittings, which allows each bathroom to have its own unique visual and feel.” 

Aflux Designs Vigo Jansons Photography, Duravit, L+ Architects

Since the pandemic, hygiene has become more important to us than ever.  And who says it needs to be boring? Duravit points to The White Tulip toilets from Philippe Starck as a great example, which have tech that cleans the entire inside of the toilet, and a ceramic glaze which kills bacteria.

Natural materials and organic forms borrowing from the Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetic are key looks. Add in wicker and wood, and some greenery with some potted plants.   

Aflux Designs, L+ Architects, KLAFS

Lusso’s advice for creating a spa-like sanctuary is to opt for a solid stone bath, which is ideal for a prolonged soak because it retains heat well. The shape of the bath can also help with wellbeing – the Japanese soaking tub is renowned for its cleansing benefits on the body and mind – it is idyllic to submerge yourself upright in the spacious tub, and it could also improve overall posture. Other benefits are said to include promoting better sleep, reducing headaches and improving cardiovascular health. A rainfall shower, with its soothing sounds of the overhead waterfall, is also a must for relaxation. 

Add textures such as fluting, adds Lusso, and opulent finishes will create a spa-like look. Brushed and rose gold can look stunning against soft whites and neutrals. Amit Malhotra, co-founder of Aflux Designs, adds: “Whether your home is contemporary or classic, texture within a bathroom scheme is key to creating depth and interest. While matt or gloss tiles look fantastic within a bathroom, it’s important to layer them with other tiles to avoid the room looking one-dimensional. Incorporating natural stone tiles or those that offer colour variation for example onto a feature wall will not only help to zone the room, but will make an impact.”

Lusso marble soaking stone bath

Consider your shower screen, which can really enhance the look of a bathroom. The Shower Lab’s dichroic glass screens are stunning. Explains Max Finaldi, managing director, The Shower Lab: “Dichroic glass is renowned for its luxurious look and dates back centuries. Dichroic glass shower spaces deliver a stunning focal point but also, because of the nature of the iridescent hues, offer some level of privacy in the open space. As both natural and artificial light change throughout the day, the glass can literally offer a myriad of affects and colours.” 

Speaking of light, consider too, what sorts of lighting you need – functional, night sensors, ambience? där lighting’s lead designer, Peter Legg, says: “Layering your lighting to provide task, ambient, and accent points is crucial to ensuring this space can be used for the everyday as well as relaxation. Dimmable spotlights and warm white LED wall lights will create a more focused stream while being versatile enough to support a gentler impression.”  


“The key is to include layers of light,” says Luke Thomas, design director of John Cullen Lighting. “This offers a ‘get up and go’ feeling in the morning  and onto a more spa-like feel in the evening. Uplights always add a touch of magic for a bathing experience creating just the right touch of drama as well as softness. Consider uplights lighting a stone or tiled wall behind a freestanding bath set into a windowsill to light shutters. Combine these with floor washes under the sink.Link these to a PIR (presence detector) so that they come on automatically and act as a night light, for subtle late-night bathroom visits”. 

So, while bathrooms used to be a place simply for your ablutions, they have now become sanctuaries – a room as important for relaxation as the lounge. Whatever the size and number you have, there are many ways to make them both beautiful and practical.