Pierre Frey SOLEIL LEVANT collection

Japanese Interior Design Trends for 2024

By Decorbuddi Interior Designer Alex Sherman

Pictured top: Pierre Frey SOLEIL LEVANT collection

Japanese influence in interiors is big in 2024, but which way to go? You could do retro with neon lights and stainless steel surfaces, or dally with a touch of the erotic with fringed shades, sensual coral velvets and lampas cushions.

The well-known Japandi trend has been up in the top searched terms for a few years, showing our love of the minimalist blend of Scandinavian and Japanese design, but this year we are seeing the more maximalist side emerge with stunning new collections from fabric houses such as Pierre Frey.

Pictured: Zoffany Eastern Palace wallpaper in Japandi kitchen by Decorbuddi Interior Designer Alex Sherman / Pierre Frey SOLEIL LEVANT collection (Royal Tiger) / Pierre Frey Chupa / Japandi Mori Wallpaper North & Nether

Japandi colours are typically beige, taupes and whites with black accents and natural materials such as wood, ceramics and leather. Clean lines, wood block prints, functionality and Zen minimalism pervade. For clutter-free households, or those with oodles of storage, this can work. For hero pieces you could introduce a well-crafted bench, a show stopping staircase, or more simply, look to use a seagrass wallpaper, there are some lovely Japanese themed ones such as Zoffany’s Eastern Palaces (see image).

For the more exuberant and brave, Japanese influence can bring amazing depth of colour and rich textures with teals, golds and black as obvious starting points. A sub-area worth a dig around is Japanese Art Deco, where you’ll find very beautiful rugs, great inspiration for a bespoke design. The ocean liners from this period were the new link between Europe, American and Asia, featuring lacquered and resin furniture and inlaid mother of pearl. Looking back at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial Hotel, completed in 1923 and no longer standing, you’ll find inspiration in the warm earth tones, grey and green carved stonework, paprika carpets and bold geometric architectural features which feel, dare I say it, very now.

A great starting point is to pick some Japanese prints you like the palette of then recover some tired upholstery in something from the new Soleil Levant Pierre Frey collection. I would happily recover an ottoman in Chupa, their bold Tibetan stripe, hang some statement curtains in Kiki, and cover a tented wardrobe in Wanly for a guest bedroom.

Whichever Japanese-inspired aesthetic you choose, the results are sure to be striking. Enjoy the experimentation.