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Choosing the right style of windows for your home

The experts at The Sash Window Workshop explain how to identify the right type of windows for your period property.

There is something nice about seeing a neglected period house being brought back to life – especially the moment when gleaming new wooden windows are installed.

Window designs have changed considerably over the centuries.  Installing the incorrect style of window in your property can make the window look out of place and will often reduce the value of your home, with buyers often being prepared to pay more for period appropriate windows.

The Sash Window Workshop

Wooden windows

Wooden sash windows are believed to have been used in British homes since the 1700s and were popular in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes.  However, the design of the sash windows varied greatly between these architectural periods.

In the Georgian architectural period, it was common for each sash to have multiple panes and Georgian homes often had smaller windows towards the top of the property, with larger windows on the ground floor.

By the Victorian era, window tax had been halved meaning that larger windows were more affordable.  Glass was also cheaper, due to better technology, resulting in fewer glazing bars being used.  Bay sash windows also became increasingly popular in Victorian homes and remained popular during the Edwardian period.

The design of sash windows has also changed overtime, with modern sash windows sometimes operating on spirals rather than cords and weights.

Wooden casement windows, which open on hinges like a door, became more popular in Edwardian homes.  Early casement windows were traditionally made to sit flush within their frames.  In contrast, more modern casement windows are normally positioned outside the main frame.

The Sash Window Workshop
The Sash Window Workshop
The Sash Window Workshop

Traditional windows with the benefits of modern technology

Originally traditional wooden windows would have all been single glazed.  However, today you no longer need to substitute benefits in thermal efficiency to have period appropriate windows.

Richard Dollar, Managing Director at The Sash Window Workshop, explains:

“The majority of the new traditional wooden windows that we manufacture and install are double glazed, designed to be both energy efficient and in keeping with the architectural style.”

Established in 1994, The Sash Window Workshop has a wealth of experience working on period homes across London and Southern England, helping customers identify the right traditional windows to suit their property.

The company manufactures all their new joinery from their workshop in Berkshire and selects the highest quality materials; using a timber called Accoya as standard, which comes with a 50 year anti-rot guarantee.

Each window is bespoke and crafted to the customer’s individual requirements, meaning that they can replicate any design or pattern.  The Sash Window Workshop can also manufacture single glazed timber windows to adhere to listed building and conservation area requirements where required.

The Sash Window Workshop

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