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Create Escapes: Embracing Your Outdoors

The team at Create Escapes talk about their creative approach to garden spaces and the benefits of making the most of your outdoor spaces

Tell us about your business.

Create Escapes Ltd design and build studios with the aim to reconnect you with nature, the outdoors and provide additional space in compact urban living environments. The company was founded in 2018 by Ben Langford-Archer, a qualified interior designer who worked on many property renovations and developments. Wanting to find a more efficient way to build, he went on to work for a sustainable pre-fabricated company building high-end garden studios and cabins. Create Escapes Ltd was launched in the summer of 2018 with the photography studio in Kensington.

Why a garden studio?

A garden studio can be both a sanctuary and home office. Our clients use their space for either or both. Many of us have trouble from switching off from work as technology and workplace trends have advanced so much that working from home is a more popular option. A studio in your garden creates the perfect balance; you benefit from both its separation from your house and the convenience that it is in your garden, in a calm environment. The stressful and expensive daily commute will also be a thing of the past. Replace the desk and chair with musical instruments, art easels, comfy reading chairs or exercise equipment and you have your very own personal sanctuary to escape to. These spaces really are what you make them, and are exceptionally versatile. Guest bedrooms with a bathroom are also another popular use for these studios. You get the extra space without the hassle and expense of an extension. The studios are bespoke builds so whether it’s an office or an annex, we can design an escape to your requirements.

Why a garden studio and not an extension?

The garden studios come with a fixed price, there are no ‘extra costs’ by builders during the build and no disruption in your home. There is no need to dig up your garden and pour concrete foundations – we use ground screw foundations which screw into the ground in a matter of hours subject to ground conditions. The studios generally do not require planning permission and are much quicker and cheaper to install. They are well insulated, double glazed windows and with efficient electric underfloor heating and a green roof they perform well too.

Do they add value to a property?

Yes – They can add from 1.5 times the cost of the studio up to 4 x plus depending on location. For example, a studio which costs £20k to build can add £30K to £80K to your property value and not to mention it adds the wow factor. I would advise speaking to your local agent to get an accurate figure.

What gives you your job satisfaction?

I put a huge amount of thought and time into the design process as well as planning and executing the build so a happy client really means a lot to me. It makes all that hard work worth it.

What are the trends you’re seeing at the moment?

Black cladding seems to be popular at the moment and birch plywood panelling internally. They contrast with each other very well and have clean straight lines. Large glazed sliding doors and roof lights are also popular and really open the space up to light.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?

I find all the projects exciting, seeing them through from initial consultation to completion, but there is one which does stand out. It’s a cabin perched beside a lake which is clad in a range of natural materials, the majority in their raw form, but positioned to create a contemporary look.

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