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Dividing and zoning your garden

Dividing your garden into distinct areas can ensure you make the best use of your outdoor space, large or small

Much like your home is made up of a series of rooms, each serving a certain purpose, so too can you do the same with your garden. Zoning your outdoor area according to function makes you consider how to best use your garden and make it really work for your lifestyle. Look at creating atmosphere with solar lanterns and string lights, paint walls and fences to differentiate between areas, and accessorise with outdoor rugs, mirrors and cushions to create magical ‘rooms’ that will entice you outside.


Whether you like to throw a big party or host a barbecue lunch for a select few, think about how you would like your entertaining space to work. Grand schemes can incorporate outdoor kitchens and vast dining tables, as well as seating areas, and even a bar and firepit. Equally, a charcoal barbecue and a dining area prettily lit with fairy lights might well meet your requirements.

The Mini Spa

Recreate the spa vibe with a Jacuzzi in the garden. And if you want the full-on experience, a garden room can be turned into a gym with a whirlpool bath just outside. On a smaller scale, sunbeds and a sidetable might suffice for recreating a spa-style area to relax in.

The Games Zone

If space allows, creating an area where kids can let off steam is ideal. Add in a table tennis table, trampoline or even a tree house. If you need something more flexible, a tepee will offer a magical play area. Tight on space? Look for a dining table that can be transformed into a surface for playing pool or table tennis.

The Quiet Zone

A retreat in which to read the papers or settle down with a book is on the wish-list for most. A sofa area, a daybed or simply a hammock strung beneath the trees can provide that tranquil spot. A bistro set with a small table and a couple of chairs can be set up away from the rest of the action – look where and when the sun falls to give you a warm spot to while away an hour.