The Home Office

We may be confined to work from home, so why not do it in style?

Hot Desking

Look at your view – what will your eyes wander to when they’re not focussed on the screen. The temptation is to push your desk against a wall but looking out of a window or facing into the room is far nicer. Consider the size of desk you need – desktop computer or laptop, piles of notes, a phone – what will go on it? If you’re short on space, look for desks with tiered shelving so you can pack in as much as you need. Desks with functions such as charging points come in handy.

Images: CHAPLINS Batik Desk by Cattelan Italia, CHAPLINS Storm Desk by Cattelan Italia, Eichholtz Highland Desk by Sweetpea and Willow

Take a seat

You don’t want to be returning to work with a bad back from the wrong chair. Check out one of the many online guides to make sure your desk and chair are all at the correct height. Leather always looks luxurious, or go for a statement design to work it like a boss.

CHAPLINS Clarion Desk by Cattelan Italia
Mindthegap The Antiquarian Zooarchaeology Wallpaper


Do personalise your workspace. Add a backdrop of inspiring or quirky artwork or wallpaper, photos (loved ones, desert islands – anything to bring a smile to your face) and don’t forget to bring in some nature – some potted plants will add tranquillity.

Home Office Armoire from The Dormy House

Hidden desks

If you really don’t have room, fear not – a built-in desk inside a cupboard provides a versatile option. Look at all the nooks and crannies in your home. You can create a mini office under the stairs or on the landing.

Light Brigade

Good task lighting is essential. Whether you’re going traditional angle poise or a dramatic table lamp, make sure your choice gives you plenty of light so that you’re not squinting to read documents. You want to make the most of the light during the day but consider whether you will need a blind to avoid screen glare.

Images: CHAPLINS Kelvin Black Table Lamp by Flos, CHAPLINS White Tab Table Lamp by Flos, Garden Trading Sage Folgate Desk Lamp

Breakout area

Okay, so we may not quite have the space at home but still set aside an area for reading or anything you can do away from the desk. You need to take a screen break so look to incorporate a sofa, armchair or even a beanbag. A coffee machine on the side too will save you traipsing to the kitchen.

Images: Ernest Armchair In Tan Vintage Leather, CHAPLINS Bat Swivel Lounge Chair by Gubi