London Projects

Ingenious Home Design Solutions

When planning how to make the most of your space, take some inspiration from these creative ideas

Stairway Heaven

Get clever with your staircase design. If space is limited, you don’t have to have a spiral staircase: a tight helical staircase can fit into the same space and has the added advantage of being much more comfortable to use. Staircase designers Bisca created a sculptural solution that would look good from all angles, and also added LED lights within the handrail for impact. A clever staircase design can also be used to unite different architectural styles, for example, a contemporary extension with a period property.

Glaze of Glory

Use glass to create impact. IQ glass used sliding doors and structural glass in conjunction to create a stunning glass box extension in Surrey. At Field House in Chiswick, Adams + Collingwood Architects used a simple barn shaped addition with frameless sheer glass to create a contemporary extension that would work with the conservation area the house sits in.

Water Worlds

The calming effect of water can make a big impact on how you live. If you have the space, a swimming pool is transformative. Not so lucky? Look at incorporating water in other ways. Try a reflection pool or a fishpond that flows from the inside, under the floor and then out into the garden.

Bespoke Storage

During this renovation project of a Victorian terrace in Balham, Barbara Genda created several bespoke solutions to maximise storage. Custom-made units provide a clutter free environment throughout the house, and cupboards conceal all the utilities that were relocated into a new cellar. A walk-in dressing room offers ultimate convenience.

Lofty Heights

The loft space can be your best friend in terms of creating more living space and there are some fabulous ideas around. Cube Lofts added a frameless glass balcony to flood this loft space with light instead of the more typical Juliet balcony.

Heart of the Home

If you are opening up the back of the house to create a big open-plan kitchen/diner, look at how you might zone the different areas according to the tasks you will do there. Make sure it can be functional place for cooking and work but transformed into a more relaxing space for entertaining. This can be achieved with clever lighting and ensuring you have enough storage to hide clutter.