kitchen with pendant light

6 lighting ideas that will transform your space

Switch up your lighting with these transformative and design-led lighting ideas for instant style points


Sculptural shapes

When it comes to lighting ideas, a sculptural pendant is great for giving a living room, hallway, kitchen or stairwell some drama and pizazz. A shapely silhouette is not only eye-catching, giving the room a striking focal point, but it will also help create a more curated, design-led look. Think of it like hanging a work of art from the ceiling – but a functional one. It’s the very definition of form meets function.

kitchen with pendant light

Bedside pendants

Swap out your usual bedside table lamps for a pair of simple, low-hanging pendant lights instead. Aside from looking striking, it frees up table-top space too. “A lot of people usually think their bedside lamp should be a table lamp. But hanging small pendants will both free up some space and create a different environment of lighting,” tells Casper Brix, Chief Brand Officer at AndLight.

bedside pendant light

Light up your island – from the inside

We all love a kitchen island. We’re drawn to them like magnets, whether for our morning coffee, a quick lunch, or crowding round them at drinks parties. And it seems almost law that they are lit-up by either spotlights or a trio of pendants. Nothing wrong with that – but for some unexpected WOW-factor how about lighting up the island from the inside? With many worktop options offering a degree of translucency, you can set your island a-glow with a backlight and make it truly dazzle. “Crystalline textures with golden tones can give a lava-like appearance, whilst the swooping waves found in an onyx are accentuated to give a soothing feel,” says Alice Hood, Senior Design Consultant at Roundhouse. “Maximising the texture in the stone worktops with a back-light and creating this beautiful feature will not only show-off the one-of-a-kind internal structure but can also introduce a holistic warmth, helping create the sanctuary-like space which many strive for at the moment.”

kitchen island glowing light inside

Task lighting can set the mood

When it comes to the kitchen, task lighting is essential. This is the lighting that comes on above the sink, above the hob, along your cabinetry and even onto worktops. “Cabinetry lighting is deemed as ‘task’ lighting as it helps you to easily
find what you’re looking for within the cupboard when working in the kitchen or pantry. But cabinetry lighting is useful for ambience too,” says Allison Lynch, Senior Design Consultant at Roundhouse.

“By putting the cabinetry lights on their own switch, you can turn off the ceiling lights and keep a lovely warm glow from within the cabinetry. There may be items on shelving that you want to showcase so lighting from above, washing down a dresser unit is worth considering. Introducing lights around the plinth of islands also adds to the look and feel, which lifts the kitchen and adds ambience.”

kitchen cabinet with led strip light underneath

Replace a floor lamp with a low-hanging pendant

To light up a dark corner we’ll often reach for a table lamp or floor lamp. A wall-mounted lamp might step-up the design game a little, but have you ever considered low-hanging pendant lights to brighten up a corner? “Use long pendants in your corners to make your room feel larger,” says Casper Brix, Chief Brand Officer at AndLight. “This is a trend we think is very interesting because it’s a new way to use lighting and not that many use long-sized pendants in the corners but it makes a big difference to the room.” It’s an unusual look, that’s for sure, but we like it.

living room with corner pendant light

Outdoor pendants

Landscape designer Adolfo Harrison transformed this petite space in Chelsea with pretty planting, stand-out structures, a cosy nook and a creative approach to lighting. It’s a great example of how gardens aren’t just limited to spotlights or uplighters. These days you can find outdoor wall lights, floor lights and even pendant lights, to help you create an inviting entertaining space.

pendant light in garden