Is your IT up to the job?

With many of us now working from home, we find out how to ensure our tech is fit for purpose

Paul what are the main services you offer? I support Apple Mac computers on a pay-as-you-go and monthly retainer basis for home users and businesses of all shapes and sizes. I can also upgrade and repair some older units.

Why should someone employ a professional to set them up? Whilst you could do a lot of what I do yourself, having been an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician for over 18 years means that I can resolve most of the problems you’re experiencing faster and first time.

In light of the majority of us working from home what are the most important things to consider? When it comes to remote working, the things you need to look at are:

If your home internet connection is extremely slow, check with your service provider (BT, Sky, Virgin etc) to see if there’s a deal that you could take advantage of to have it improved.

Get a wired connection from your computer to your router as it will be more stable than wifi – especially if the kids are using their tablets and phones!

Ensure that the computer you’re using at home is powerful enough and has been updated recently to make use of the tools available. Beware when updating the operating system – check the compatibility of any 3rd-party Apps you use beforehand as they may stop working.

Do you need to print anything? When was the last time you checked the ink levels and that you had enough paper?

Do you need to have a local backup of any work you do? You don’t want a spilled drink to ruin your efforts…

Check with your IT department for the requirements they’ve set with regards to the security that you need to ensure you have in place. No point in having the most secure systems in the world if the machine you’re using doesn’t even require a password to access it!

What type of support do you offer to businesses? I provide outsourced IT support based purely on the needs of the client – I can be as involved (or not!) as you see fit. I provide advice on and provision of: server and file storage solutions, Office 365 email hosting, network and wi-fi infrastructure, backup solutions (onsite and offsite) and consultations on new purchases and systems upgrades.

Can you help remotely? Very much so! I support my clients via phone, WhatsApp, email and by using specialist software I have the ability to view / take control of your computer over the internet (my record is Australia!). Of course, not everything can be done remotely so I’m happy to visit your office if you need me to.


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