Let the light flood in

A typical Victorian terrace in Fulham has been transformed into a space filled with light

Period features are one of the undoubted joys of living in a Victorian property but the downsides often include small rooms and a lack of light. When considering a loft conversion, the owners of this Fulham property found an innovative solution that would not only increase their living space but also maximise natural light.

From the outside, the property looks little different to its neighbours. The only clue as to what might lie within is the modern railing, which helps realise the main objective – to let in as much light as possible. A traditional brick wall outside the house would simply block out too much light from the basement below.

During the three-month project, implemented by nuspace and designed by Iñaki Leite for Your Architect London, bespoke glazing was commissioned – which had to be craned in over three properties and required the partial closure of a road – partition walls were created from glass, a glass floor fitted in the loft’s ‘pod’ area that lets light fill a landlocked bathroom in the middle of the house, and even a glass staircase constructed.

The result is stunning. From the ground floor you can now look up and see the sky through the windows in the loft. From the en-suite shower room in the loft you can see the bedroom.

Clear sight lines are an integral part of the design. But those fearing for their privacy need not be concerned. Electromagnetic glazing has been installed so that with the flick of a switch the glass turns from clear to opaque. With the aim of creating a clutter-free look, there is a storage wall behind the bed. The shower room has the appearance of a wet room with the same colour shower tray as the floor so the space looks clean and spacious. The storage area in the front eaves has been sacrificed for yet more light with glass floors looking down into a first-floor bedroom. There are, of course, full black-out blinds but the joy comes from sunny days when the entire house is flooded with light.

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