Looks to Love

Looks to Love this Year

Anna Howell, interiors editor at Chaplins, on how to try some of the key trends in your home


2019 will mark the 100th anniversary of the influential Bauhaus art school. The gatekeepers of modernism, they nurtured the finest designers of the 20th century, spreading a gospel of unessential yet eternal design. In celebration of this seismic legacy, we’re predicting the return of iconic tubular chairs and striking storage in simple primary colours — just some of the tenets of the iconic style.


The era of the bed in a box is over. The reason for their demise (other than the fact you have to perform a full squat to sit down) is that statement headboards are once again emerging as the ultimate bedroom power play. The focus this year? Glamorous fabric headboards with ribbed or scalloped detailing.

Stick to new neutrals and soft pastels to prevent your headboard from looking too ostentatious.

Bonaldo Kenob


For the last three years, modern homes have experienced the ‘Midas Touch’ with gold and warm metallic acting as the go-to accent. However, in 2019, chrome will be taking over, imbuing homes with a mirror shine and contemporary touch. Whereas gold is traditional and opulent, chrome is forever cool and the metal of choice for many midcentury modern designs. It boasts a very pure design language and can be as subtle or all-encompassing as you like.

Start small by choosing a beautiful chrome pendant or a mid-century icon with a classic chrome frame. For the more adventurous, Ligne Roset’s new Alleluia coffee table lends an undeniably contemporary edge


Great design should take you on a journey, expanding horizons and challenging perspectives. This season’s selection of statement rugs do just that, serving up optical illusions with hypnotic hues. The patterns are bigger but slightly less abstract than last year, with many clashing colours for maximum impact.

Depending on the size of your living room, your statement rug will be one of the main focal points. Give it space to breathe and don’t go overboard with the surrounding colour scheme

Mirage rug by GAN


The pursuit of comfort is an active obsession in the world of contemporary design. In 2019, it will be expressed in the form of oversized armchairs and sofas, with sumptuous cushions and padding. Key to all of these designs is a contrast in materials – think bulbous cushions restrained by Italian leather straps– all of which serves to give the impression of barely contained softness.

Offset bulbous silhouettes with linear bookshelves and barely there floor lamps.