Reduce Your Service Charge

Reduce Your Service Charge

Reduce Your Service Charge

In a time of escalating costs, flat owners can still get value for money from their service charges using their Right to Manage on the mi-blox platform.

What is Right to Manage?

Right to Manage allows leaseholders of flats to take over the management of their property either by managing it themselves or by appointing their own managing agent. By so doing, the costs involved with running the building can be more diligently managed and become more transparent.

Will I save money?

Yes. It’s never guaranteed but, where leaseholders manage a building themselves, or appoint their own managing agent, they are able to control costs much more successfully. They can ensure that money is not wasted and that the best price for services is achieved. Costs become transparent.

Is this the same as buying the freehold?

No. Whilst the leaseholders will manage the building, the freeholder will still retain overall ownership. However, their control over the day-to-day management of the building will cease.

Is Right to Manage cheaper than obtaining the freehold?

Yes. You do not need to pay a premium, only the costs associated with exercising this right. It is a significantly more cost-effective solution for most leaseholders.

Can the freeholder stop us doing this?

The Right to Manage is a right. The freeholder can only challenge on the grounds that the building does not qualify for RTM or that there is a defect in the paperwork. Our system ensures that defects do not occur.

How do I find out if my building in Putney qualifies?

Establishing qualification is free on the mi-blox platform. Our FAQs on our website will also help you find out if your building is eligible. Most buildings can take advantage of Right to Manage.

See if your building is eligible by completing the free pre-qualification stage on our website.