Stylish storage

Clean your clutter with these gorgeous storage ideas

Clutter hacks….

Work room by room, perhaps starting with the hallway, finding solutions for the piles of shoes, the coats dumped over the banister and untidy piles of mail.

Make the most of the storage you have. Clear everything out of the cupboards and get rid of anything you won’t ever use/read/wear again. Be honest and don’t feel obliged to hang on to unwanted gifts.

If you’re feeling daunted, aim to declutter one area a day.

Consider where your unwanted items will go (eBay, charity, Freecycle, trash) – avoid the mistake of having a declutter pile that just sits there for months.

If you want children to tidy up after themselves, drawers need to be easy to open and hooks within their reach.

Partition drawers and cupboards so you don’t just heap all your stuff back in them.

Consider bespoke – tailored options make the most of every available space.