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Wow factor rooms

How to create awe in your interiors…

There are rooms that are beautiful, rooms that are well-designed, and then there are rooms that actually take your breath away. There are no hard and fast rules and sometimes it can be hard to define but usually there is an element of the unexpected, a juxtaposition of textures or eras perhaps. They have something that immediately draws you in, makes you wish you had thought of it, and ultimately makes you that little bit green with envy. Money alone can’t buy it, although it helps. And often it can be as much about a little detail as it is the overall effect.

Says interior designer, Alexandria Dauley, of Dauley Design: “A home with wow factor has at least one focal point per room. It could be a piece of art, a light fixture, or a massive fireplace. Remember that cheap and poor quality items do not get a wow. Invest in quality pieces that will last – that does not always mean more expensive so consider shopping for vintage or antique pieces instead of new mass produced items for your home.”

Light Up

Create a focal point. A chandelier will always have jaws dropping, whether you go for funky or traditional.  If you don’t have a light fitting into which you can put a gorgeous chandelier, there are ways to create eye-catching lighting effects such as draping string lights over beams (battery operated if you have no socket nearby), along shelves or by layering them into a big glass vase.

Arteriors x Barry Dixon Locust Thorn Chandelier
Arteriors x Barry Dixon Locust Thorn Chandelier

Think Fabrics

Even if you don’t have a big revamp in mind, you can add style by reupholstering some of your existing items. Saffron Hare, creative director at James Hare, notes that headboards in particular can be reupholstered in a fabulous fabric and become the focal point of the room.

Floral and foliage

A vase of flowers always brightens the place up but for real wow factor you need to think about where to place your blooms. Hang them from the ceiling or drape your bookcases with green foliage.

Home Betty Armchair
Sweetpea & Willow Trapezium chair
Sweetpea & Willow Trapezium chair

Statement seating

While comfort is key for lounge seating where you will spend time relaxing, there’s no reason for it to be dull. Look for different shapes and play with fabrics. The trend for velvet is showing no signs of abating.

Mirror, mirror

Make them big and bold and use them cleverly to deflect light around the room. Go for one main piece, or group a selection of mirrors together on a wall that are of different shapes and sizes but have the same colour frames.

Soothing aquariums

When we say fish tank, we’re not talking about boring boxes in the dentist’s surgery installed to relax the patients but big beautiful statement aquariums that are more artwork than a home for fish. Specialists Aquarium Architecture advise not to place tanks near windows or radiators, but other than that, the world’s your oyster.

Aquarium Architecture
Aquarium Architecture