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Our beautiful new magazines are ready to read… but how different our world looked when we started writing them


Our April magazines are out from today. But when we were writing them, little did we know how much our lives would change in just a few days. As a monthly magazine, we work weeks ahead. We knew that Coronavirus would be coming our way but no one knew when or what the impact would be. In optimistic spirit, we wrote about the incredible events coming up, interviewed some inspiring people hosting exhibitions, appearing at our theatres and organising great things for our communities. Sadly, most are now cancelled, and many organisations that provide a valuable lifeline are having to close and find other ways to support those that rely on them.

Our team is working hard to update our website, reflecting the new world we find ourselves in. Our weekly newsletter is packed full of help, advice and inspiration during these difficult times. Friends and relatives are self-isolating, schools are shut and we are adjusting to working from home. It’s an emotional time. I fear the impact that self-isolating will have on already vulnerable people, and the effect on families already struggling to pay their bills and feed their children.

But I have been so heartened to see the incredible responses in our communities. Neighbourhoods rallying around to help and support each other. Friends sending the most silly/hilarious/ridiculous videos that are going viral in an attempt to keep spirits up. It is going to be a tough time for all of us. But even just a few kind words and gestures can go a long way. Many people will be doing far more, and we should join them if we can.

We will be updating our website and social accounts with everything we can do to help. And we would love you to contact us too, if there is anything you can share – tips, initiatives, requests for help – don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Our Owner and Publisher Lucy Kane is offering support for local businesses and charities. You can read her Coronavirus Update and find out how Time & Leisure can help you during these tricky times.

In the meantime, if you need some escapism, read our April magazines here. And plan ahead to when our lives can get back to normal. We have some great travel staycations, new season fashion, interiors and garden inspo and some brilliant local initiatives.

All the very best,

Tina x

Tina Lofthouse, Editor in Chief