Cats protection appeal

Help Look After The Cats

Help Look After The Cats

Sutton & Kingston Cats Protection are raising money to help care for local cats

Although centres and branches across the UK are currently closed to public, hard work continues to go on behind the scenes at the Cats Protection. The team at Sutton, Kingston & District continue to help those local cats in desperate need, from rescuing abandoned cats to reuniting those lost with happy owners. The dedicated team are also working incredibly hard to keep every cat in their care fed, warm, happy and stimulated.

The small team of volunteers love caring for the cats of course, however the costs of caring for cats does not stop during this pandemic, the branch continues to need litter, toys and medication for those in their care.

With most fundraising on hold (cake sales, sponsored activities etc) the branch is raising money themselves via Just Giving. For the cats and kittens sake, they must keep going despite this sudden and completely unexpected drop in donations and that is where you, your kindness, generosity and love for cats comes in.

“As a nation, we have rarely appreciated our cats more. They are here for us when we are feeling worried or lonely, here to distract us and help the days pass, here for those of us who are sadly grieving or bereaved. Our cats are here for us all, so please help us be here for cats by supporting our Special Coronavirus Appeal if you can.”

Any funds raised above and beyond the target will be used to care for cats and kittens in Sutton, Kingston & Districts care.

Please donate here or visit their website 

Top Tips for Looking After Cats

The team at Cats Protection Sutton Kingston & District have kindly provided their top tips for keeping cats safe in the community during these unprecedented time


Check sheds and outbuildings

With the weather warmer, people are heading out into their gardens to enjoy the sunshine. It’s key to check your sheds before you close them, as these often play the roll of a shaded haven for cats trying to cool down in the summertime.

Keep your cats hydrated

Cats aren’t known for drinking lots of water, like dogs – however they still need to be kept hydrated. There are fantastic water fountains available for cats, they tend to enjoy running water so these might be preferred to a bowl. Another technique is sliding an ice cube around on the floor for your cat to play with.

Give them space

Cats might be finding it rather strange having their family around a lot more, so for house cats especially it’s crucial to give them extra space and alone time. This can be a stressful time for our cats too, with the changes in routine so it’s good to be aware of this. I would advise trying to keep a room free during the day for the cat to be alone in, or provide some space up high like on-top of a wardrobe or a bookcase for your cat to feel safe.


Some vets are not carrying out procedures such as neutering during this time. If you have a new cat or kitten that isn’t neutered, we would highly recommend keeping them indoors to avoid the chance of them having kittens or catching diseases. Remember to also keep your male and female cats separate during this time as being related will make no difference to them! If you’re worried about neutering your cat or kitten, please get in touch as this is something we would love to help with.


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