Battersea Park Zoo

Help Battersea Park Zoo

Help Battersea Park Zoo

The much-loved zoo needs your help to support the animals

Closed for the third time because of lockdown, Battersea Park Zoo is in need of urgent funds to help safeguard their animals’ welfare.

“The site of Battersea Park Children’s Zoo has been a pillar of the local community for nearly 70 years and now, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and our third forced closure as a result of government restrictions, we are looking to our members, visitors and friends for support. We are funded entirely by our visitors and as a result of our closure, we can no longer rely on those funds to care for the 50 species that live at the zoo and cover our expensive daily running costs,” said a spokesperson.

The zoo’s daily food costs for the 100+ animals (50 species) living at the zoo is approximately £115 a day. This includes all fresh vegetables, fruits, pellet feeds, meat and fish.

Surviving this pandemic is vital as Battersea Zoo brings so much to the local community and beyond. The zoo runs a creative education programme complying with the National Curriculum and teaches interactive workshops based on conservation, adaptations, the food chain and camouflage. The education programme attracts schools from all over London and is usually fully booked each year, with over 8,500 children learning at the zoo.

The zoo is now home to 50 species of mammals, birds and reptiles including a number of critically endangered species such as the cotton-top tamarin, Bali starlings, Scottish wildcats and lemur. The zoo actively participates in vital European breeding programmes with other zoos to conserve species.

To say thank you for the generous donations received, the zoo is offering the chance to win a number of exciting prizes to look forward to when the zoo reopens again. For every £10 donated to the Crowdfunder, your name will be entered into a draw where you’ll have the chance to win one of 15 prizes! (£20 equals two entries).

Prizes include Keeper experiences, wallaby encounters, armadillo experiences and zoo tickets! 

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