Adrian mills ambassador, Opening up Wimbledon Village

Adrian Mills takes a lead in Hero Awards

Adrian Mills takes a lead in Hero Awards

Adrian Mills, ambassador of Time & Leisure Hero Awards, takes time to say thank you to some of his local heroes making a difference in the community during lockdown

It is true to say that these last few months will never be forgotten. Yet throughout this pandemic we have become to appreciate and rely on all sorts of fantastic, dedicated and unsung heroes. Without them life, would for many, have been impossible.

That is why it is so important for all of us to give huge thanks to the numerous people who have assisted all of us during the lockdown period. There have been so many wonderful examples of people wanting to help, that I could fill page after page with stories of great kindness.

Which is why I immediately said yes to becoming an ambassador for the Time & Leisure Community Hero Awards. Many of these people don’t put themselves forward for praise because as is often the case, they are unassuming members of the local community. Whether it be individual shop keepers and owners, supermarket workers, staff in bakeries and delicatessens, or the individuals who have kept an eye on the vulnerable older population in the area. All have kept us supplied with the basics to help see us through this strange, worrying time.



Nicky and the Rose and Crown team

For me one of the outstanding contributions was made by the General Manager of one of Wimbledon Village’s favourite local pubs, The Rose and Crown, Nicola Green.

Nicky is a beacon of light for the Youngs brewery group. A woman in a male dominated profession who really does go the extra mile for all her customers. During the last few months, Nicky has supplied 5,808 meals for NHS staff at St Georges, Queen Mary, Royal Surrey, Kingston Hospital and the Nelson Health Centre.

Done without fuss or ego but simply to contribute and to help the incredible NHS staff. Often seen walking her Labrador Freddy on the Common, whilst probably contemplating the many changes she will have to introduce in the months ahead. She is a great asset to our community.

Running a pub is a huge pressure on anyone’s shoulders but whatever the situation, Nicky remains, upbeat, friendly, unassuming and always professional.

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As the days go by, numerous people have remarked as to how the Village has maintained a feeling that we will get through this. Helped by the very positive attitude of all those venues that have remained open and the community spirit that has existed. I know as lockdown has eased, there have been many visitors to Wimbledon Common. Food and drink in hand, many have enjoyed the amazing weather. However not all rubbish makes it to bins. So another group who deserve applause are the rangers, who patrol and clear the Common each and everyday, so that everyone can enjoy one of the most pleasant green areas in London.

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So those are just a couple from a long list that I’d like to say thank you to, and deserve recognition for the amazing work that they do.

Long may it continue!


Adrian Mills ambassador of Time & Leisure Hero Awards, TV presenter and actor, is also Chair of Wimbledon Village Business Association, co-owner of Thai Tho restaurant