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Proud to be Green – IQ in IT

Proud to be Green – IQ in IT

Katerina Damcova, MD, reveals how IQ in IT is doing business responsibly and sustainably.

Tell us about you?

I am Kat, the managing director of IQ in IT. As a female leader in the tech industry, I am dedicated to inspiring young people, especially girls, to pursue careers in the IT sector. I believe that it is important to have diversity and representation in the industry and I am passionate about breaking down barriers and making the field more accessible to everyone. I am an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for technology and a love for nature. From a young age, I have been committed to protecting the environment and finding innovative solutions to help others. As a techie, I have a deep understanding of the struggles that businesses face when it comes to technology, and I am passionate about helping them overcome those struggles. Outside of work, I am actively involved with CitizenZoo, a non-profit organization that focuses on conservation and wildlife protection and have been involved in various projects such as Get Involved, bringing water voles to Hogsmill. I am proud to take action and make a positive impact on the world through my work and personal life.

What does IQ in IT do?

IQ in IT is more than just your average managed IT service company. Based in Kingston, we are a team of innovative thinkers and tech enthusiasts who are passionate about making a difference in the world of IT. Our core values, sustainability, customer service, and cyber security, not only drive our business but also set us apart from the rest. We don’t just provide IT services we believe in creating solutions that are environmentally friendly and prioritise the satisfaction of our clients. As the digital world becomes more complex, we make sure to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cyber security, always keeping our clients’ data and networks safe.

How does IQ in IT help to tackle climate change?

We take our responsibility to tackle climate change very seriously and actively look to reduce our own carbon footprint including:

• Using smart heating valves to disable heating out of hours, and keep a constant temperature during work hours to reduce energy use

• Going paperless and using only public transport and electric vehicles to service our clients

• Working with our suppliers to advocate for reducing the carbon footprint of products and services we procure

• Upgrading rather than replacing equipment, and looking for long-life devices that are easily repairable

• Implementing recycling bins for thin plastic and compost, and promoting recycling efforts within the office

• Installing a living wall outside our office to help absorb carbon dioxide and promote biodiversity.

How does your team benefit? 

There is a sense of pride and fulfilment from working for a company that is committed to sustainability. Through projects like cleaning up the New Malden triangle and taking part in charity events like Tough Mudder to raise funds for Kingston Hospital, employees feel more connected and engaged with the company’s mission and values.

What do your clients say?

Clients perceive us really positively and are more likely to do business with us due to our commitment to sustainability. Certifications like Green Mark and B Corp also instill confidence.

What things can you recommend other businesses do to start their journey? 

Conduct a carbon footprint assessment: This is a way for a small business to figure out how much carbon pollution it’s responsible for and can be done by using online tools, consulting with experts, or following industry-specific guidelines. Then 3 quick steps are:

1. Energy: Switch to energy-efficient options like LED lights and smart thermostats to save energy and money. Look into cleaner energy options like solar or wind power.

2. Reduce waste and promote more sustainable production and consumption processes.

3. Encourage recycling and sustainable habits among employees and customers.

How have you benefitted from joining the Kingston Green Business Community? 

It has been great for us. We’ve collaborated with other businesses, worked with the Chamber of Commerce and Council, and set up an online green community forum where we share ideas and solutions for sustainability. We’ve connected with others who share our passion for the environment and formed valuable partnerships to achieve more together. Our goal is to reduce CO2 and make our community more sustainable. Join:

What are your goals for 2023?

We’re planning to upgrade our current GreenMark certification to level 3, and are working towards becoming a B Corp. These certifications will show our dedication to doing business responsibly and sustainably, balancing profit with purpose.

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