Fée Uhssi: The African Fashion & Textiles Experience

Fée Uhssi: The African Fashion & Textiles Experience

A series of workshops exploring the rich and diverse history of African fashion. By Tara Robinson.

As part of Wandsworth Council’s Black History 365, Wandsworth-based artist Fée Uhssi will be hosting The African Fashion & Textiles Experience. Beginning in September 2023, it will be a series of 6 monthly educational and interactive creative workshops exploring African art and textile history.

Fée Uhssi is a Franco-Nigerian fashion and textile artist, designer, and art colour therapist. Her workshops are a passion project – created, hosted and presented by Fée. They will explore history, artistic techniques, and the role of textiles in the African continent and Afro-Caribbean culture, and the evolution of African clothing from traditional costumes to modern style. They will also explore the influence of African textiles and fashion upon modern European styles, and the interaction between fashion and the movement of history.


The first session will take place on Saturday 23rd September, and will take a singular focus on the history of fashion in celebration of Fashion Week with an African fashion design workshop.

The second session will explore the diverse evolution of African textiles throughout history, in celebration of National Black History Month.

The third session will focus on symbolism in African textiles, and the interwoven relationship between textiles and communication from Ancient Africa to America and the Caribbean.

In the fourth session, Fée will be teaching the art of African wrapping, including traditional African wrapping techniques and Furoshiki, the traditional Japanese art of wrapping gifts.

For workshop five, Fée will present a session on colour therapy and it’s African origins, taking participants on a journey to discover the meaning of colour and learn new colour styling tips.

The final session will focus on fashion photography, celebrating African and black photographers throughout history and their contribution to the fashion industry.

All the workshops are free with the encouragement of a small donation.

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