Start the new year stronger in Maths

A centre in Wimbledon is helping children of all abilities reach their full potential in this essential skill for life

It’s a new year – thank goodness! Let’s make 2021 really count and focus on all the positive things we can do, despite the ongoing restrictions – like helping our kids achieve their full potential in maths. Enjoying and being confident at maths is a fantastic asset in life that can open doors and help us make sense of the world around us. 

2020 was a challenging year for both children and parents, with the changes to education delivery, and a long period of home-schooling. Mathnasium of Wimbledon has been seeing increasing numbers of children who have lost interest in maths at school, and parents who have tried to help but found the process fraught with emotion. Even some children who normally excel at maths have fallen out of love with the subject.

We believe that how a child feels about maths is just as important as their ability in the subject; those excited and more engaged with their learning will achieve more.  If you’re not sure how well your child is doing then it is time to find extra, individual support. Wimbledon’s Mathnasium after-school maths centre is a haven for kids from years 1-11, where learning is individualised, teaching is one-to-one, and maths is made fun with goals, games and rewards. “Making maths fun is at the heart of what Mathnasium is about,” says Centre Director Mandeep Mangat.

“My son doesn’t like school and it is usually a real struggle to get him to do additional work at home. I have been amazed how eager he is to go to his sessions at Mathnasium,” said one parent whose child attends Mathnasium of Wimbledon. “He does it without complaint and always come out of his session happy. He says that everyone is really nice and that the tutors really help him with areas that he is weak in.”


The reason that Mathnasium achieves results is because each child is assessed in detail on the specific skills that they need to have mastered at each stage of their learning. As no two students are the same, a unique programme of study is created for each child to address their individual needs, creating a solid foundation for future maths achievement. Once they master one set of skills, they progress to the next stage, all the time working at their own pace and level so that if they want they can also move ahead.

Parents feel empowered by Mathnasium because they are kept in close touch, with monthly reports on the child’s progress. “The structured approach has enabled all of us to have transparency on the gaps and where we need to focus, which has led my daughter to make great progress,” writes another Mathnasium of Wimbledon parent.

It is important to stop any negative self-talk about “not being good at maths”. Confidence at maths is vital at every stage of a child’s school career. Parents of children in the middle years at prep and primary can usefully start thinking now about maths support to help their child get into the secondary school of their choice, as leaving it too late in the day is often stressful for learners. Children who have just been through the ordeal of the 11 plus and entrance exams benefit from help before they start at a new school, to make sure they are placed in the right stream for their abilities. Even those who are secure at maths have room to improve and excel, becoming the best they can be at this key subject area – and finding the enjoyment in it.

As the new year gets under way with brighter prospects on the horizon, a fresh start in maths could be just the boost a child needs.

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