iPad Air from Stormfront

Stormfront: 7 Best Gadgets for Families

We talk to the team of experts at Stormfront to find out about the best tech you should be implementing in your family home

iPad Air from Stormfront

iPad Air

This portable iPad is a firm family favourite. It’s tactile, light and features a 10.5-inch Retina display. The tablet lasts for up to 10 hours and the True Tone feature adjusts white balance based on surrounding natural light. The cameras make it stand out, letting you take photos and 1080p HD videos, plus the smart keyboard lets you write an essay with ease.

Apple TV from Stormfront

Apple TV

Apple TV offers all your favourite channels, thousands of films to buy or rent, plus all the popular streaming services, as well as the most immersive way to take in TV with a cinematic experience. This autumn, Apple TV will also be offering original shows and films from Apple TV+.

HomePod from Stormfront


HomePod is a sleek breakthrough speaker that learns exactly your music taste, what you like to play and when, and acts as a helpful home assistant, making apt suggestions that relate to your lifestyle. The speaker adapts to its location and with six microphones, it picks up on your every word. HomePod is wrapped in a seamless mesh fabric designed to make it aesthetically appealing.

Ring Doorbell from Stormfront

Ring Doorbell

Another handy hint for families is to install Ring – a smart security addition that lets you check who is at your door, capture videos, plus see, hear and speak to visitors. All this can be monitored from your iPhone, iPad or Mac and every Ring device features a wide-angle lens so you won’t miss a thing. Set them up around the home for ultimate security.

Lacie Rugged Hard Drive from Stormfront

Lacie Rugged Hard Drive

A popular hard drive with plenty of handy features, like shock resistance, drop resistance, and a rubber sleeve for added protection, meaning it’s certainly family friendly. The hard drive is a trusted way to capture, store and transport your data, with a range of storage options. The drives are drop, rain, dust and crash resistant, and their durability is their big selling point. They are compact, sturdy, and come in a striking orange hue.

Philips Hue Lighting from Stormfront

Philips Hue Lighting

Discover a whole world of lighting with sensors and switches that all help you light your home smarter. Replace existing bulbs for smart bulbs and you’ll be able to adjust your home with mood lighting, 360 lighting for your kitchen, and even surround lighting for a dramatic effect in your garden. It comes with a handy Hue app, making all adjustments quick and easy.

Whoosh! from Stormfront


The staple of any home with messy little ones running around, WHOOSH! offers award-winning screen cleaners safe for all types of smart device, without any risk of water damage. The cleaners are eco-friendly, non-toxic and stop children leaving fingerprints on your most cherished tech devices.

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