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Dental Rooms: The Best Approach To Facial Aesthetics And Rejuvenation

We speak to Dr Maria Kocisova at Dental Rooms about why dentists make the best facial aestheticians, and the importance of taking a holistic approach to facial rejuvenation

Dr Maria Kocisova, expert facial aesthetics practitioner, is an ambassador for the world renowned Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, training medical professionals in facial aesthetics, and has experience dealing with the most complex cases.

Dr Maria Kocisova’s role as ambassador for the Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute means that she has an exceptionally high level of expertise in non-surgical facial aesthetics techniques including anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, thread lifting, PRP and microneedling.

A leader in treating the most complex cases and the management and avoidance of complications, Dr Maria Kocisova tells us what our approach should be to facial rejuvenation in order to achieve the best results in today’s saturated market:

“Facial rejuvenation should be viewed as a multi-layered treatment option and, as such, finding a practitioner that is familiar with the whole facial structure is key in allowing patients to be treated as an individual and so to achieve the best results.

“Dental practitioners make the best facial aestheticians for a number of reasons:

“Extensive knowledge of facial anatomy: They have an extensive knowledge of oral and maxillofacial anatomy and of how facial muscles work. This is key in using injectables in harmony with your natural face structure and movement to achieve the best results.

“Extensive experience with facial treatments and injections: Dentists work with, in and around the face on a daily basis, and are highly skilled in giving injections – more so than most doctors!

“Safety: As medical professionals, dentists are in an excellent position to avoid medical complications, but also to manage them on the rare occasions they may occur. You will also have peace of mind from knowing that you are being treated in a clinical environment, where high levels of health and safety and medical expertise are standard practice.”

Dr Maria takes a caring and multi-layered approach to facial rejuvenation. In addition to the injectable treatments she is able to tailor for your benefit, Maria’s holistic approach means she is also experienced in delivering treatments that treat the surface layer of the skin. She can combine treatments that work beneath the skin’s surface with chemical peels of PRP (plasma rich protein – the much publicised ‘vampire’ therapy!) to give you the most comprehensive and effective treatment options.

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