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Discover Eyelash Extensions

Discover Eyelash Extensions

Tracey Richardson loses her eyelash extension virginity with Jinny Beauty – she gives us the lowdown on this increasingly popular semi-permanent beauty fix

I had heard about an eyelash extension specialist who had massive experience from running salons in Central London and moved back to the New Malden area, and was immediately interested in checking them out. Jinny Beauty is located on Kingston Road in New Malden and I had decided I wanted to try a set of false lashes. Greeted by Grace – Jinny’s right hand lady. I was asked what type of look I was after in terms of shape, thickness and length. So I decided to go the full hog and go for a full set of Russian lashes that looked very luxurious. Grace explained that they cut the lashes to suit depending on how long your own lashes are and mix different lengths so it is a natural shape all round rather than one length.


A classic set of lashes is achieved by adding one false lash for every real eyelash. The volume procedure I had chosen is a little more difficult – this would be 3, 4 or even 5 false lashes to one natural eyelash. With the volume lash it needs to be possible to fan the false eyelashes out so each false is pointing in the right direction. The lashes are attached by using just the right amount of glue. Grace used tweezers to separate a natural eyelash from all the others and applied a false eyelash on top.

The false eyelash should be 2 mm from the root of the real eyelash. The procedure takes an hour for a full set and it really is painstaking work. I was very impressed with the results. As you can see from the pictures it makes a massive difference and if you are careful a full set can last up to 5 weeks. The team at Jinny Beauty recommend having a touch up or half set after 2-3 weeks to maintain the volume look.

I must say I am converted. I loved the look and couldn’t believe what a difference it made to my whole face. I didn’t need eye make up and it is a treatment I would absolutely continue to have. Some need nails, some need a fake tan but my guilty pleasure is now Jinny Lashes and, at these prices, it’s a little pamper for great value.

Prices: full set of classic £60 and full set Russian/volume £70