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10 awesome ways to get in the festive mood before Christmas

10 awesome ways to get in the festive mood before Christmas

It’s Christmas! Alright, not yet. But almost. Not feeling it? Here are 10 bulletproof ways to get yourself in the proper festive mood. 

Panto, panto… And more panto!

There is nothing that screams “festive mood” more effectively than the panto. And who said you should only see one panto this Christmas season? Gok Wan, Shane Richie, and Anton Du Beke will all be performing on our local stages, and we recommend that you go see them. Also, don’t forget about non-pantomime Christmas shows, from Rocky Horror Show to Beauty and the Beast. In fact, we compiled the very best Christmas shows – click here for the hotlist.

Telly and chill

Yes, this is obvious, but also there is nothing more Christmassy than good ol’ Jingle Bells on the radio and Home Alone on TV. Or Netflix. Cuddle up under a fuzzy star-studded fleece blanket with a cup of mulled wine or drivers’ punch and revel in the festive mood. Still, feeling a tad cynical? Grinch might help.

Brighten up your home with candles

Jolly up your home with festive candles! It’s Christmas candle burning season, after all. Red, green, yellow, with Santa or presents, or mistletoe, or whatever you feel like. Just don’t burn them all at once.

Get out and breathe in

Soak in the festive atmosphere at the best pubs and bars in south west London and Surrey, take a stroll through snowy parks (we’re joking – rainy parks), or even head to central for more lights and more traffic. Or, take a carriage ride in the Richmond Park.

Shopping time!

Ok, we get it – Christmas shopping is a universally hated experience. But it doesn’t have to be! Stay local and support your neighbourhood sellers. Snoop on social media for trends and ideas and pick your favourite shopping mall – such as Centre Court in Wimbledon – and plan carefully, or not at all and get spontaneous. You won’t be disappointed with the variety.

Drink a festive drink

Get into the festive spirit with some spirit. Such as gin (click for our list of the very best local gin distilleries in SW London and Surrey). Or mulled wine. Or anything else you fancy. Just keep it Christmassy!

The Great Home Bake Off

There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling when others enjoy your baked goods. They don’t have to be big or MasterChef-level complex or even beautiful to taste heavenly. And when you get to do it with your entire family – that’s the quintessential December afternoon.

Ice rinks

Glide (or, if you’re anything like me, stumble) through the ice rink! There are few things more Christmassy than open-air, lusciously decorated London ice rinks. Skate around impressively massive Christmas trees and don’t forget to take a few pictures, as the ice rinks are just SO instagrammable.

Christmas lights

We have a list for this too! They are all over SW London and Surrey, even though the large switch-on ceremonies are being largely omitted (for obvious reasons – love is not the only thing in the air). Head to Crystal Palace Park to see the gorgeously illuminated replica of the real-life Crystal Palace or go to Kingston and soak in the relaxing riverside atmosphere.

Invite your neighbours

…and cook for them! (this should make them obliged to cook for you too, so it’s a win-win). Click for the variety of recipes we have in store and surprise your neighbours with an unexpected invitation. What’s a better time for this than December?