poem: just a little reminder

Poem: Just a little reminder

Poem: Just a little reminder

Kingston poet Andrea Charles-Munro reminds us of the importance of keeping our distance


Just a little reminder

The months have not been easy, so much that has changed

Any plans we may have we’ll have to rearrange,


The law has now banned larger groups, no more than 6 allowed

Any more than that amount is too much like a crowd,


Rules apply to restaurants, pubs and public outdoor spaces

Do not exceed the number 6 at home or public places,


The fine will be £100 thereafter it will double

Although it’s hard to comply, not worth getting into trouble,


Despite the change there have been exceptions to the rules

Does not apply to work, weddings, funerals, sports and schools,


The rules may be annoying and sure to make us frown

Hopefully, it helps prevent a 2nd lockdown,


With family size increasing, invites we must refuse

But how do we decide which grandparent to choose


For those of you unable to count friends on just one hand

Good luck choosing only 5, hope the rest understand,


Wash your hands and cover your face just like you did before

Keep your distance and stay safe, these things we can’t ignore,


Now this is our new normal, and how it’s going to be

No one knows how long it’s for, we’ll have to wait and see,


The day will come with no restrictions, seeing all those we have missed

Already been through the worst, so we can get through this.


Poem Just a little reminder by Andrea Charles-Munro

Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasskio