BlackPink Hyde Park



BLACKPINK made history as they became the first K-Pop band to headline a major UK festival on Day 5 of British Summer Time at Hyde Park. By Adam Davidson

 BLACKPINK are arguably the biggest girl group in the world right now. The K-Pop four-piece have headlined Coachella, have a huge following in the hundreds of millions, sold millions of records and have a devoted fanbase, nicknamed Blinks.

The band, made up of members Jennie Kim, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose, have been one of the leading figures in the K-Pop movement as it grows to be one of the powerhouse genres across the world.

This growth was encapsulated by the fact BLACKPINK sold-out a headlining show in front of 65,000 people at one of the UK’s biggest festivals.

The excitement in London was palpable ahead of the huge show at Hyde Park with countless fans wearing merchandise and long queues forming several hours before the show, hoping for a great spot to see their favourite band.

When BLACKPINK took to the stage this excitement turned to euphoria as the screens turned pink and the group opened in style with ‘Pink Venom’ and ‘How You Like That.’

The band instantly made full use of the stage with their elaborate dance routines and walked across the catwalk that brought them closer to their adoring Blinks.

The 65,000 in attendance were in for a visual treat with pyrotechnics, confetti and incredible backing dancers. The crowd added to this spectacle with great energy throughout and many waved around pink heart-shaped hammers that lit up.

The first section of the show ended with ‘Kick It’ and one of their early hits ‘Whistle’ before each member of the four-piece did a solo performance.

The solo section started with Jennie performing ‘You & Me’ and ‘Solo’ before Jisoo took to the stage with ‘Flower.’ It was then the turn of Rose to perform ‘Gone’ and ‘On the Ground’ and last but certainly not least was Lisa with the bass-heavy ‘Money’ which had the crowd dancing along.

The solo section showcased how talented each member is in their own right as individual performers and it was interesting to see their unique styles.

The show ended in style with a flurry of hits from ‘Typa Girl’, ‘Tally’ and an incredible rendition of ‘Shut Down.’  The show was relentless with an energic performance full of dancing and pristine vocals that kept the crowd entertained from the moment the group hit the stage until the very last.