Snow White Richmond Theatre Jo Brand (Queen Lucretia). Photo Credit Craig Sugden

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs at Richmond Theatre

Holly Reed, aged 10, checks out the festive panto in Richmond

I love going to the theatre and enjoy a good panto at Christmas time. If you’re thinking about which panto to see this year then Richmond will have you laughing, singing, and even the most reserved of you will be joining in, such is the quality of this show. It delivers a great time for all the family and is a fun way to get in the Christmas mood.

The stand out performance of the night was Muddles (Britain’s Got Talent finalist Jon Clegg) because he was really funny. He did really good impressions of famous people and he was amazing at tongue twisters, as demonstrated in one of my favourite scenes.

The dances were incredible. They were really complicated and I would recommend going just to see them. Snow White and The Prince were really good singers and they did some beautiful romantic dances.

The evil queen (Jo Brand) was great fun and her comedic acting and make-up was amazing. The dwarfs’ costumes were really funny and well thought through because they were grown men, yet they looked tiny. We laughed every time they came on stage.

I think there should have been more scenery because all the scenes were mostly all the same settings. One change was for Jo Brand’s performance of I put a spell on you, which was the best performance of the whole show and really impressive amongst all the comedy. I felt the dancers should have been on stage more often too. The actors were on stage a lot more and the dancers have worked just as hard so they should get the chance to show what they can do more, especially as they were so good.

There was a tongue twisting song about ”smart people who felt smart”, and the kids invited on stage were hilarious when trying to sing it with Muddles. Try saying it quickly and you will get see why.

I hope you go to see this show, it’s a great night out.

Merry Christmas

Hilarious entertaining riot ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Richmond Theatre, until 5 Jan.