Top 10 Cosy Coffee Shops in Clapham

Whether it’s a piping hot latte or a spicy chai, you want the atmosphere to be perfect for your coffee trips. Here are the ten cosiest coffee shops in Clapham with the best ethos and ambience…



17 The Pavement SW4 0HY

Just like its name, this park-side café is simple yet elegant. Located at the heart of its namesake, Common styles itself in soft autumnal colours, making it the perfect cosy location for your caffeine fix. They serve award-winning locally-roasted coffee alongside a selection of organic cakes and pastries. A small, intimate outdoor seating area offers a leafy view of the park, with elegant tables and dainty white chairs. The café remains open until 7pm, offering an additional menu of organic sharing boards and locally brewed craft beers. One almost feels transported to the Mediterranean, enjoying an artisanal coffee followed by a light sharing platter and perhaps a drink or two.


Nue Ground

30-32 Abbeville Rd SW4 9NG

Committed to sustainability and community, this café is more than just a café. Next door to its very own yoga and wellness studio, Nue Ground offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere to encourage mental and physical peace. Gentle white walls and soft brown floorboards nudge you to breathe out; relax; take a moment. A variety of warming soups and cleansing juices induce feel-good chemicals and refresh your body. Their locally and ethically sourced coffee lies at the heart of their ethos: community, sustainability and health.


Hopper Coffee House

6 Landor Rd SW9 9PP

This delightful Italian-run coffee shop started out in Clapham and has since expanded into two additional locations in Wandsworth and Fulham. Found just a stone’s throw from Clapham North Station, Hopper’s original site brings little cups of joy to commuters every morning. They serve authentic Italian coffee which you can savour in a warm, intimate seating area, surrounded by friendly staff and gentle dangling lightbulbs.


The Common Espresso Bar

10 Clapham Park Rd SW4 7BB

This little gem is an independent coffee shop located around the corner from Clapham Common Station. A small team of lovely staff welcome you into a homely interior, its walls dotted with decoration and little potted plants along the windowsill, where you can sit for a roasted speciality coffee from Union Hand Roasted or a lovingly-crafted Colombian-Brazilian blend. Toasties are the name of the game for their food menu: from brie and bacon to a classic grilled cheese, cosy vibes are maximised with these familiar warm sandwiches.


Over Under

25 The Pavement SW4 0JA

With its distinctive pink exterior, Over Under’s Clapham branch is hard to miss. This café is perfect for visiting with friends, with comfy chairs and a spacious, well-lit atmosphere surrounded by eye-catching plants and succulents. The unique décor, a seamless blend of quirky, modern styles with more classic café comfort, creates a singular ambiance to enjoy speciality coffee and a varied brunch menu.


Brickwood Coffee

16 Clapham Common South Side SW4 7AB

Brickwood’s original site in Clapham retains its humble and rustic roots. A teal exterior welcomes you into an artfully decorated seating area, with a sturdy wooden counter and narrow walls. The feeling evoked is that of a cheery yet intimate respite area, where one can imagine staying a long while. A must-try is the in-house baked banana bread served with espresso butter – it pairs excellently with a warm cup of coffee.


Star Cafe

37-39 Clapham Park Road, SW4 7EE

Retro styling and a burgundy façade lend a timeless factor to Star Cafe. You can enjoy a classic English breakfast with a cappuccino, or choose from a selection of their tasty sandwiches. They also serve continental delights like dumplings and crispy duck – and don’t forget to try a creamy macaron for dessert.


Reyes Coffee & Brunch

6 Old Town SW4 0JY

Venture into Clapham Old Town to visit this quirky coffee spot. A deep green façade and blocky seating area overhung by an old-school awning provide a refreshingly nostalgic café experience. Pair a cup of coffee with a deliciously classic brunch of eggs or bacon and allow this charming spot to transport you back to a simpler time.


Coffee Wake Cup

14 Clapham Park Rd SW4 7BB

This Clapham-based coffee shop delights the senses with its red walls, blackboard menu and glass cake tins artfully placed across the counter. Their coffee cups come in a variety of colours across the rainbow – a visit here really is a feast for the eyes. And don’t forget the stomach: they also offer a packed brunch menu and serve delicious lunches from 12pm. You can stop here for a quick dose of coffee and comfort, or stay longer and treat yourself.


Code 25 Cafe

25 Clapham Common South Side SW4 7AB

Code 25’s pleasing blue façade is paired with an awning that provides warmth and shelter. You can sit beneath the awning and enjoy your coffee at a little round table, or venture inside to sit in the enclosed and peaceful interior. This café retains a lovely agreeable charm and provides space away from the hectic buzz of London life.