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Ultimate Guide On How To Get Coveted Wimbledon Tickets

Given the popularity of the Championship, it’s no wonder it’s notoriously difficult to get your hands on Wimbledon tickets. Whether you’re keen to enter the ballot, join the famous queue, or even stay the night to bag a place, we’ve got the ultimate guide to securing a spot…


Queuing For Wimbledon Tickets

Every day, around 500 Wimbledon tickets are released for those keen to catch the action on Centre Court, No 1 Court and No 2 Court, apart from the last four days of the tournament, when even queuing won’t bag you a Centre Court ticket as these are sold well in advance. As well as the daily tickets on the door, there are thousands of Grounds Passes available each day at the turnstiles, entitling use of unreserved seating and standing on Courts 3-18. Once you’re in with a ground pass, you can purchase resale tickets, with No.1 Court tickets going from as little as £10. As Brits, we do love a good queue, and, as you would expect, there are a handful of rules and regulations in place to make this particular line extremely strict. Tennis fans are given a queue card marking your spot in line to avoid queue jumpers, and bags are vetted and should be no bigger than 60cm x 45cm x 25cm.


Try the ballot

It is obviously too late to try your luck with the ballot for Wimbledon 2019, but if queuing is not your style, remember to go for the ballot for next year’s tournament. The applications for 2020 open in August and involve a hefty registration process that can’t be done digitally. To apply, fill in the application manually, and send it off in a stamped and addressed envelope to AELTC, PO BOX 98, London, SW19 5AE. You’ll then get another application form sent back to you which you send off to AELTC, PO BOX 67611, London, SW19 9DT. You’ll then be notified if you are successful for ballot tickets, but with the thousands of annual applications, it’s not guaranteed.


Stay the night

For those extremely enthusiastic about getting their hands on a precious Wimbledon Tickets – particularly Centre Court or Court One tickets, dig out your camping gear and head to Wimbledon Park the night before. This will increase your chances of getting your hands on one of the top 500 Wimbledon tickets which are allocated to Centre Court, and the following top 500 which go to Court 1. Don’t worry about sleeping in and missing your spot, because patrolling stewards wake you up early in the morning, ask you to dismantle your tent and issue wristbands to make sure you get your spot.


Ticketmaster Wimbledon tickets

If camping isn’t your thing, you can get your hands on Wimbledon tickets online, but beware that Ticketmaster is the only online spot to go for Wimbledon tickets, and avoid looking at any other sites which may be trying to rip you off. Every day at around 9am, around 500 Centre Court and No 3 tickets are released on the site for the next day of play. The tickets, obviously, sell out extremely quickly, so set your alarm and be prepared to keep hitting that refresh button.


Hospitality tickets

Not the option for anyone on a budget, the hospitality packages start at £400 per person, but are great if you’re keen to grab a ticket last minute. The packages are on offer from providers like Sportsworld and Keith Prowse and are sold with a variety of VIP extras like food and drinks bundles, afternoon tea and first-class hospitality.