23 Ways to Wellbeing

23 Ways to Wellbeing

Make 2023 the fittest and happiest yet!

1 Commit to get fit

Decide on your goals for the year ahead and what will motivate you. Maybe you need to join forces with a likeminded friend, enlist a personal trainer or sign up for a sporting event for charity, whether it’s a marathon or a local dragon boat race. Accountability is hugely powerful and knowing that someone else is vested in the outcome can really help.

2 Sort out the basics

Make sure all your appropriate health MOTs get done, from blood pressure and cholesterol checks to eye and dental examinations. An eye test can reveal so much more than just the state of your vision, with experts able to pick up signs of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

3 Body and mind

Sign up to a class and find a technique that will help to destress you. Yoga and Pilates are perfect for combining exercise and focussing on your mindset. Or try sophrology, which is being dubbed as the new mindfulness, and combines visualisation, meditation, and gentle movement. In Switzerland, one Swiss health insurer reported a 30% decrease in medical bills with those who had taken up sophrology training.

4 And breathe

Learn to breathe correctly. Many of us don’t, which worsens stress. We’ve been trying out the moonbird device and we’re impressed – it comprises of a tactile handheld device along with an app: place your thumb on the sensor and breathe in and out with the device inflating and deflating in time, with the app giving you feedback on your breathing and heart rate.

5 Veganuary, Dry January – or not?

Month-long initiatives can help focus your mind on healthier habits. But be realistic and not too harsh on yourself. January is a tough time of year anyway and suddenly giving up meat or alcohol can lead to you feeling deprived and down if you miss your targets. It may be more desirable to cut down for good rather than a just a month of deprivation, which may lead you to binge afterwards.


Book a hair or beauty treatment

A new hair colour or getting your nails done is a great way to boost your mood. Not only do you feel like you are looking your best but it sends a signal to yourself that you matter.

7 January Blues

Speaking of January, accept that it is a long, cold and bleak time of year. But find reasons to be cheerful. Fill up you diary – make sure you book in one fun thing to look forward to for every month of the year. While many of us can feel down at this time of the year, do pay attention to your own mental health and those around you. Be alert for the signs of depression and reach out to a counsellor or GP.

8 Book a holiday

There’s nothing like planning your holidays to cheer up a January day. Make a wishlist of where you’d like to go this year. Or book a spring weekend away for a few days to recharge your batteries and reconnect with friends and family away from the daily routine.

9 Put on your own oxygen mask first

You might feel guilty but self-care is vital. Take some time away from the day to day. A spa retreat is perfect to recharge your batteries. Recently we tried the spa at Cliveden in Berkshire with its dreamy heated outdoor pool and organic vegan-friendly Proverb facial, and we loved an overnight escape at Foxhills in Surrey – the hotel is super family-friendly so the kids can enjoy activities and a creche while you have some me-time in the spa.

10 Take up a hobby

Make 2023 the year you try something new – fencing, boxing, golf, tennis – book a class where you can learn a new skill and get fit at the same time.

11 Find exercise you enjoy

There’s no reason you have to slog it out on cardio machines at the gym if that’s not your thing. Consistency is everything with exercise so the more you find something you like, the more likely you are to stick at it.

12 Kickstart your healthy eating plan

More fruit and veg, less meat, less processed food. If you want to lose weight this year, avoid the dreaded D word – diet has connotations of depriving yourself. See it as all the good things you are putting in to your body to nourish it rather than what you’re missing out on. And do allow yourself some treats.

13 Make a budget

If it’s finances you are most worried about as you head into 2023, make time to go through your budget and look at what are the essentials. Look at how you can reduce waste – whether that’s food waste, or by making sure you don’t waste energy – good for the pocket and the planet. See a financial expert to help realise your life goals.

14 Set some goals

Then break them down into manageable steps, whether you want to write a novel this year, change career or improve your self-esteem. Sign up for a course such as a technical skill to help in your career or your personal life such as assertiveness.


15 A New Path

Mindfulness can help you foster the skills to live well with whatever life is throwing at you. It can help you manage stress, fatigue, pain and other health issues, or can simply enable you to live life more fully. Clare’s approach is grounded in compassionate awareness to help get you back on track and restore wellbeing. Discover more about individual and group courses coming up. Clare Morgan accredited MBSR, Breathworks, and MiSP teacher.


16 Yoga Holidays

Find tranquillity on a week’s yoga holiday to Dalyan Spa Hotel, southern Turkey, with Good Life Yoga. From 9 to 16 October, Hatha Flow teacher, Alex Reed, will offer twice-a-day yoga practices tailored to the group. The rest of the time is yours to rest, take a riverboat to the beach or enjoy the onsite spa. From £505pp.


17Holistic Health

Total Body Health is a holistic clinic that enables people to live pain-free naturally and make the best health choices for themselves, with an emphasis on natural and individually tailored therapy for each client. As such, its clientele includes people with complex challenging health issues, individuals who want to maintain their peak of health, and everyone in between.

First floor, 30 Homefield Road, Wimbledon Village SW19 4QF
020 8090 0995

18 Skin Experts

Stratum Clinics Wimbledon and Raynes Park is a dermatology centre of excellence that opened in 2019. The clinic offers expert care and professional advice on maintaining and improving skin’s health and appearance. On offer are dermatological, aesthetic and laser treatments provided by a team of experts in their specialty areas. The goal is to provide you with diagnosis and treatment of the highest quality.

Raynes Park Health Centre, 1 Lambton Road, Wimbledon, SW20 0LW
0800 048 9230

19 Wimbledon’s Orthopaedic Experts

Whether you’re suffering from a niggling sports injury, an ongoing back issue, persistent arthritis in your knee or any other orthopaedic condition, you can get a fast diagnosis and treatment from a leading specialist at Fortius Clinic Wimbledon. You can also book an MRI, X-ray or ultrasound scan within 48 hours of an initial consultation, including on Saturday mornings. For orthopaedic treatment & sports medicine visit:

FORTIUS CLINIC 22 Worple Rd, London SW19 4DD

20 Confidence-Boosting Look for 2023

Bringing together innovative products from the world of beauty, including cutting-edge cosmetics, eco-friendly haircare and superior treatments, Elys Urban Beauty is perfect if you are looking for a fresh look for the new year. Their team of expert makeup artists, hair stylists and skin therapists have got you covered for style and creativity featuring the likes of M.A.C, Gina Conway, Aveda, Dermalogica, Londora Nail Boutique and Eye Candy Lash & Brow Bar.

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21 Mindful Running

Do you want to enjoy the moment and put the past to one side? Why not join a women-only beginner or improver running course on Wimbledon Common and achieve your goal. The classes are small, friendly and suitable for all ages and abilities. Plus, there are social runs in Richmond Park, London and Surrey.


22Medical Spa Treats

Naked Health in Wimbledon is one of the UK’s first medical spas, established in 2004. It offers a wide range of Medical Aesthetic treatments ranging from minor surgical procedures to laser skin improvements and cosmetics injectables. The team is long standing, respected and dedicated and looks forward to welcoming you to the clinic in 2023.

261-263 Coombe Lane, Wimbledon SW20 0RH
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23Quality Sports Footwear

Sporting Feet sells shoes for all major sports. Their shops in Putney and Richmond offer great service and expert advice, helping you get the best, most comfortable fit. Key services offered are free digital foot scanning, running gait analysis and custom insole fitting.