summer wellbeing



All the health and beauty tips to get you holiday-ready!

A is for…  Amazing Abs

Shape up for summer with exercises that target your core. Left it too late? Head to a salon for the likes of EmSculpt, which uses electromagnet tech to cause the muscles to contract. A 30-minute session is said to be the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups.

B is for… Body Brushing 

Combine exfoliation and massage by moving a dry, natural brush over the body in long, pressured strokes. The technique lifts and buffs away dead skin cells, encourages lymph node drainage and increases blood flow and circulation.

C is for… CoolSculpting

A non-invasive fat freezing treatment that uses cryolipolysis to permanently freeze and remove unwanted body fat. The frozen fat cells are then naturally flushed out of the body. Try it at nakedhealth MEDISPA in Wimbledon.

D is for… Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning exfoliates your skin using a type of scalpel or blade, helping to get rid of dirt, dead skin cells and peach fuzz. The procedure aims to remove fine wrinkles and deep acne scarring, as well as make the skin’s surface look more youthful, smooth and bright, giving you a healthy glow.

E is for… Eyelash Extensions

Lush, dense lashes without the need to apply mascara – so you can feel good make-up free. Unlike false eyelashes, where the strip or individual lashes are applied to the skin, lash extensions are applied strand by strand to the natural lashes, using a semi-permanent glue.

F is for… Foils

Get sunkissed hair whether you see the sun or not, using foil highlights. The process takes a while but the end result is a more symmetrical and even distribution of highlights.

G is for Gua Sha

The Gua Sha method uses a special tool to massage the face using firm strokes. It can reduce puffiness, eliminate fluid build-up, relieve tension and improve circulation, but it’s become popular for its contouring effect and is known as the ‘Eastern facelift’.

H is for Hair Removal

Shaving is the quickest option, depilatory creams take a little longer but give similar effects, while epilating is less comfortable but more long-lasting. Hot waxing is popular for bikini areas, while plucking or threading is a popular method for brows. Laser hair removal is the best overall long-term method but you do need to avoid sun exposure before and after treatment.

I is for Instant Glow

Get a sun-kissed glow (even when slathered in SPF 50) with some self-tan or a spray tan. Our favourites for a natural glow include the Tan-Luxe Wonder Oil and the St Tropez Face Mist.

J is for ditching the Junk Food.

Enjoy eating seasonally with plenty of fresh berries and salads. Get your bbq going and opt for prawn skewers, fish, grilled vegetables and delicious marinated chicken – skinless thighs are a good option for a bbq.

K is for Keratin

Does your hair frizz up in hot weather? Invest in a keratin treatment, also called a Brazilian blow dry. Keratin hair treatments straighten hair and reduce frizz, while also adding an intense glossy shine.

L is for Luscious Lips

Who needs the hassle of lipstick on holiday. Instead, you can give your lips a fuller shape and more youthful appearance with a cosmetic tattoo. Try the Lip Blush at Lucie Oliver Aesthetics in Raynes Park.

M is for Mental Health

Use your summer break to get your mind fit. Resilience Zone in Fulham is a ‘gym for the mind’ helping you to develop ways to thrive across all aspects of your life, offering life coaches, talking therapy and mindfulness classes.

N is for Nails

Get summer sandal ready with cared-for nails and cuticles. A pedicure will have you feeling confident to bare your feet, with smooth heels and neat nails. And you’ll be super comfortable too.

O is for (Hyperbaric) Oxygen Therapy

If you’re feeling fatigued after Covid (or any other nasty virus), suffering from a niggling sporting injury or want to slow down the ageing process, try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). This involves breathing oxygen under pressure, causing it to defuse more readily into plasma encouraging the formation of new red blood cells and even stem cells. Try it at Total Body Health in Wimbledon Village.

P is for Pilates.

Balance body and mind, and improve your posture and flexibility. Try Soul Central Pilates, which has classes in Wimbledon.

Q is for Qi (pronounced ‘chi’)

Qi flows along the meridians that map your body, and if your Qi is flowing optimally, then you’ll be balanced, healthy and well in mind, body and spirit. Try a Qi facial, which uses 1000 gold-plated magnets to create a face map matrix. When placed on specific acupressure points on the face it stimulates the natural recovery potential of the skin, leaving you with a lasting glow.

R is for Reviving your Hair

Before and after exposing your hair to sun, sand and sea, give it a good moisture boost. We love the Grow Gorgeous Intense Thickening range for fine hair. And Molton Brown’s Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner with Camomile, available at Elys Wimbledon.

S is for Sport

Make the most of the lighter evenings – take up a sailing course, go rowing or try your hand at tennis. Sort out any previous injuries with an expert. Try Fortius in Wimbledon.

T is for Teeth Whitening

Complemented by a sun-kissed glow, pearly-white teeth are a summer beauty boost. Get instant results with laser whitening at a specialist dentist. Or use whitening gels over a few weeks – your dentist can make you a bespoke mouthguard to use with the gel.

U is for UV

Use sunscreen that offers both UVA and UVB protection, wear sunglasses and a wide-brim hat that shades your face, neck and ears. And don’t forget a scalp protecting spray if you’re hatless – pay particular attention to your parting, if you have one. V is for Vitamins  You might be getting Vitamin D from the sun now, but don’t forget the rest, including zinc, iron, folate, magnesium, Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin C. In summer, when the sun is shining, we need to prioritise Vitamin C in our skincare as it helps to even skin tone and minimise sunspots.

W is for Waxing

Waxing has been used over decades to remove hair growth. Hot wax helps take strong hair out while cool wax treatment is intended for those with sensitive skin.

X is for eXcess

With all the summer socialising in the sun, be careful not to overdo it. Alternate between one alcoholic drink and one sugar-free soft drink – ideally water. It’s particularly important to keep hydrated in the hotter weather.

Y is for Yoga

Yoga is great for de-stressing, toning, and stretching. Make the most of summer sun and enjoy some yoga outdoors.

Z is for zzzz

Due to the longer daylight hours, you produce less melatonin than in winter, explaining why you might wake up earlier and sleep a little less in summer. Higher temperatures can also play a part in disrupting sleep. Make sure you get enough shut eye by investing in some blackout curtains, so you don’t wake too early, and keep your room cool with a fan