The best apps for mental health and happiness

The best apps for mental health and happiness

Eight great apps for a happier you…

If you’re stuck in a rut, whether it be your relationship, your career or life in general, we’ve found the 8 best apps to help you get unstuck. From sorting out to-do lists and booking babysitters, to improving your relationships and your mental health, these days you can find an app for everything…

best apps: Calm app
1. Calm

With hundreds of hours of original audio content, exclusive music and relaxing soundscapes to unwind to, the Calm app helps you manage stress, sleep better and feel happier. Make it part of your daily routine to take 10 minutes just to lie down and listen. There’s a feature for kids too.

best apps: happify app
2. Happify

Use Happify’s games, tasks, audio tracks and guided meditations to overcome negative thoughts, stress and life’s challenges. Their proven techniques (backed by scientists and experts) teach you to savour the moment, thank others, aspire to goals, give to others, empathize more, and look after your personal health and wellbeing. Earn points in these categories, measure your emotional wellbeing and track your personal development.

best apps: Headspace app
3. Headspace

Similarly, the Headspace app offers hundreds of meditations to combat stress, sleep sounds and music to help you unwind, tracks to help you focus, and mood-boosting music to add zest to your workout.

best apps: Todoist app
4. Todoist

If you love a to-do list, you will love the Todoist app. One of the best apps for productivity, this app gives you a clear overview of everything on your plate, lets you link up with up to 25 collaborators per project (helps with delegation within a group), and links the app to your calendar, voice assistant and 30+ other tools. Use the app to prioritise what’s most urgent, and stay motivated by earning points for accomplishing tasks. It can also offer personal productivity recommendations based on your unique habits.

Share your to do list with your partner, so next time someone is in the supermarket you can check your joint shopping list. The app also offers location-based reminders – so if you are near a place on your list, like the supermarket, and you’re out of milk, you will receive an alert notification.

best apps: Monzo app
5. Monzo

A banking or finance app like Monzo is helpful for organising finances – like splitting a bill, setting a budget, and sending or requesting money. It’s one of the best apps out there when it comes to organising your finances…

best apps: Paired app
6. Paired

Paired is an app for couples, to help improve communication through couple’s quizzes, relationship advice from experts, and free daily conversations / topics that enable you to compare answers. Tailor the app to ask specific questions, for example ‘getting to know them’ questions at the start of a relationship, and to ask deeper questions for when you’ve been together a while. This app is one of the best apps for improving long-distance relationships, or relationships where the couple avoid / dodge important topics.

best apps: Bubble app
7. Bubble

Arguably the best app you could ask for as a parent, Bubble is an app that connects you to verified babysitters. Use it to book regular help with the kids or ad-hoc and last-minute support, freeing up time for your mental health or to achieve other things, or book a night nanny so you can get some needed sleep.

best apps: Yours app
8. Yours

Yours aims to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul with musical soundscapes, meditations, sleep stories plus advice from our team of expert psychologists.

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