Five yoga poses for anxiety

Restore mind and body

In stressful times, deep breathing, walking in nature, yoga and mindfulness can all really help. Health & fitness expert Hannah Barrett has five exercises for easing anxiety that can be picked up quickly 

– Child’s pose/balasana 

Child’s pose can help to release tension in the back, neck and shoulders which are all common areas we hold stress. This pose can slow the breath and calm the mind. 

- Cat cow 

Moving through cat and cow brings fluidity into the body and helps open the chest and back. When stressed our bodies can hold a lot of tension and this can help alleviate it. 

– Forward fold/uttanasana 

Uttanasana helps to calm the mind and can relieve tension headaches. It also helps to stretch the lower back and hips. 

– Restorative fish pose/matsyasana 

Fish pose can relieve tension in the neck and shoulders, open the chest allowing us to deepen the breath and improves blood circulation in the spine thereby helping to alleviate back pain. 

– Legs up the wall 

Legs up the wall is one of the best stress relieving poses. It regulates blood pressure, calm the nervous system and quieten the mind, reducing insomnia, draining fluid from the legs and can improve your digestion. 

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