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I tried a full moon manifestation at the top of a Battersea Power Station chimney. Here’s what happened…

Main image, Credit: London From The Rooftops

As Kate Moss reaches her 50th birthday, the original party girl has described her lifestyle, which includes early nights, wild swimming, moon bathing and harnessing the power of crystals. It’s a far cry from her hedonistic days as top supermodel and nightclub diva. She has favourite affirmations, which include, ‘trust the universe and it will lead the way’, and she charges her crystals in the garden during a full moon.

The idea of harnessing lunar power is nothing new. Full moon rituals have been practiced for millennia, with the aim of releasing limiting beliefs, setting intentions, manifesting your desires and connecting with the universe.

Many people swear by it, and I was curious to see what’s behind Kate’s mantra for midlife, so, when I saw that Battersea Power Station was offering full moon manifestation evenings I decided to give it a whirl.

Part of the power station’s new series of ‘Lift 109 Lates’, which have also included DJ nights, you are whisked up the north west chimney to spectacular views of the London skyline for a self-development workshop led by spiritual practitioner Roxy Marrone.

And there’s something very magical about it all, whatever your beliefs. The view from the top of the chimney is already breathtaking – you feel like you are on top of the world. And if you come during a full moon, it really is spectacular with the moon right there, so close.

The workshop takes place in the lift capsule. Participants are invited to sit on floor cushions, and with notebook and pen in hand, Roxy takes you through a series of questions aimed at self-discovery. You can share your thoughts with the group, or keep them to yourself.

Given the questions are deeply personal, no one in our group felt inclined to share. But Roxy was very open about her personal journey and her refreshing honesty and relatable worries soon had us all scribbling down our innermost thoughts.

Roxy at Lift 109,  Credit: Charlie Round-Turner

The first part is to debunk the myths we may harbour: what do we think about ourselves, then after some reflection, what created these myths and why they hold us back. Roxy told us how negative thought processes can cause all kinds of stress to our mind, body and spirit.

It’s all quite deep. But the setting, high above the city in a perfectly still capsule with nothing but the whistling wind as a soundtrack, I felt I could tap into feelings more easily than I might in an everyday location. And to see your thoughts written out like that is also powerful: to see in black and white that negativity is hard. Something clicked with me in that I realised how tough I am on myself and just how self-sabotaging your own narrative can be.

Then we were asked to rewrite our stories – imagine our lives as we want them to be, without fear and negative beliefs. Be specific, Roxy advised. After some of her workshops, clients have said it led to engagement rings being manifested or a romantic partner coming onto the scene. What would our careers look like, our friendships, ourselves as we want to be?

The 45-minute session ends with deep breathing. Roxy talked us through some affirmations we should try – including that we are strong, powerful and, of course, trusting that the universe has your back.

We have some homework – we need to burn all our negative thoughts that we wrote down to let them go.

Personally, I’ve never really been the ‘woo-woo’ sort. This type of workshop was a first. But I have to admit, I really did get something from it. I came out feeling lighter, inspired, and determined to kick any negative thought patterns into touch.

I may even buy some crystals – Roxie advises rose quartz for love and citrine for confidence and creativity. Even if you don’t believe in their power per se, they can act as a touch point to give you a boost and remind you of your goals.

The next workshops take place on 29 September and 28 October, Battersea Power Station’s Lift 109. Tickets £45.


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