Top 5 ways Pilates can help improve your overall health 

Top 5 ways Pilates can help improve your overall health

Kingston Physio Group on what Pilates can do for you

2022 is the year to reset and restore the body and mind. Pilates exercise is well known for its proven health benefits with many top athletes adding the practice to their schedules. The good news is that Pilates is a simple form of exercise that anyone can do, regardless of your age or fitness level. If you are not already aware of what Pilates is or how it can improve your health and wellbeing here are the top five reasons you why should start practicing Pilates this year.

1.Reduced Back Pain

If you have ever experienced pain then you will fully understand how difficult simple, everyday tasks can be, let alone a 10k run. Pain can significantly change your lifestyle and can feel soul destroying if you are used to being active. If you suffer with pain you are not alone – 80% of adults in the UK experience back pain at some point in their lives. ‘How to reduce back pain” is one of the most Googled searches online. Practicing the Pilates repertoire of exercises regularly can alleviate back pain. The focus of the practice  is on building back strength, mobility, flexibility, precision of movement and core strength. Pilates exercises are safe and reformative and will provide you with results that will help you lead a more active lifestyle free from the limitations of pain.

2.Improved Posture

On average we lose half an inch of our height every 10 years once we reach 40. However, practicing Pilates regularly can help you maintain long and lean muscles that are free of tension. In particular, Pilates exercises have been shown to improve habitual posture issues by working on elongating the muscles during movement and increasing the flexibility of your spine and joints. Pilates also strengthens your back, abdominals and shoulders leading to a healthier posture throughout your life. Who wouldn’t want to improve their posture? After all, research has shown that good posture allows you to breathe easier and deeper, as well as giving off an aura of confidence.

3.It Strengthens Your core

Pilates is particularly good for your core and stability muscles. The core muscles are a crucial part of the physique because their function is to keep your body stable, support your back muscles and internal organs. A weak core can have a negative effect on your quality of life. Pilates exercises can target your core muscles and improve your balance, keep your back healthy and reduce your overall risk of injury. It will greatly enhance your movement during daily activities, such as walking gardening or general housework. You will also feel the benefits when you do other, more physical activities like tennis or running, as shown by Andy Murray and Allyson Felix – two Olympic gold medallists in their respective sports who practice Pilates.

4.Improved Flexibility

Our flexibility decreases as we age and therefore regular stretching is an essential, healthy habit that we should be incorporating into our daily routine. Stretching improves your flexibility and posture as well as maintaining mobility which can prevent injury. Research has shown that stretching can improve the quality of your sleep and help with anxiety. Pilates exercises work on stretching the muscles during movement once they are warm. By being able to stretch further, this method allows your body the opportunity to release tension and feel healthy.

5.Stress Management and Relaxation

The body-mind practice of Pilates synchronises movement and breath. Focusing on breathing and its related physical and psychological benefits like regulating the nervous system, for example. Performing these exercises increases your body awareness and concentration, bringing you into the present moment to give you a sense of calmness and emotional contentment. The mindfulness nature of Pilates can reduce stress, increase mood-boosting hormones and help you become more resilient to life’s challenges. The Pilates method can ultimately restore your overall sense of wellbeing and happiness.

A modern issue is that we are leading more sedentary lifestyles. Whether you have been home schooling or constantly on Zoom meetings, Pilates is just what your body and mind needs to keep healthy. Pilates is a safe, effective, non-impact form of exercise. It has many benefits from reducing the risk of injury to improving your posture but perhaps best of all for those seeking harmony it can improve your quality of life.