Hypnotherapy for troubled times

Louise Coyle, founder of Changing Times Hypnotherapy, talks us through her services and how they could help in the current uncertainty

In these times of worry and uncertainty when people are understandably very anxious, how can you help?

Everyone can benefit from learning some simple, self-help tools for managing stress and anxiety. The help I offer ranges from providing training in relaxation and stress management, through to dealing with particular issues such as pain, to personalised cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy that helps people with more long-standing issues.

Corona-anxiety First Aid Package

To help people to cope better with these unprecedented times I offer one-off, online sessions designed to increase resilience and coping mechanisms. During this session I can teach you:

  • How to deal with anxious, unwelcome thoughts
  • How to sleep better
  • How to relax more deeply
  • Ways to boost your immune system using self-hypnosis and visualisation

For only £65, this session also includes a preliminary 15-minute phone call when we discuss your personal needs, and answer any questions you may have.

One Hour of Calm online relaxation workshop

If you simply want to build your mental resilience then you can join my online relaxation workshop. Different relaxation techniques suit different people, so I teach a range during the sessions, enabling my clients to find out what suits them best. Sessions can be recorded so that you can practise at home on your own. Check my website for details of the next online session (

Louise, why hypnotherapy? I practise cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, which is an evidence-based therapy that, put very simply, can help people to work out why they feel so anxious and what they can do to change things. Hypnotherapy isn’t a magic wand but it is a way of focusing the mind and helping you to make changes. My aim is to help my clients understand how they think, to change the habits and beliefs that are maintaining the anxiety and to equip them for the future so that the improvements will continue long after they have finished seeing me.

Can you help me virtually by online sessions? Yes, definitely. The regulatory organisation that I belong to (General Hypnotherapy Register), which has a code of ethics that we work by, supports us in delivering hypnotherapy online as it is just as effective online.

How will I know you can help me? Only you can decide if I am the person to help you but I believe I can. There is excellent evidence from many properly conducted research studies that show the benefits of hypnotherapy for a range of different issues, such as anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, phobias, menopausal symptoms to name just a few.

But if you aren’t sure if hypnotherapy is for you, why not try the relaxation workshop and see how you feel?

What do I offer?

Personalised, tailored therapy sessions cost £75 per hour, £55 for students either online or in person (restrictions allowing).

If you need more information, go to my website, check out my blogs or try the sample hypnosis session in the Listen at Home section. Or email me directly with any questions.

Alternatively look at Instagram or Facebook to see where I offer tips and suggestions for self-help…

Hypnotherapy is about putting the power to change your thinking back in your hands.