Put your feet first this Autumn

Put your feet first this Autumn

Tracey Richardson reviews dPK Holistic Therapies reflexology treatment just in time for the World Reflexology Week – read on for the special offer!

I had always wanted to try reflexology, so when I came across a company offering holistic treatments, I booked a session immediately. My therapist was Emma de Pfeiffer-Key from dPK Holistic Therapy, who usually works from her home but can also travel locally to offer treatments.

The treatment started with Emma cleansing my feet with rose water as she explained that our feet hold a map of our body. By targeting reflex points found on the soles, tops and sides of the feet, she can align the specific areas these points correspond to. The left and right feet represent the left and right sides of the body, respectively.

Emma explained that the treatment helps the body to reset. She compared it to a kink in a hosepipe that needs to be straightened out to allow the water to flow freely. Water, in this case, is the energy flowing inside your body.

I was seated in a reclining chair with a lovely blanket to really relax. Emma started by massaging my feet with a wax serum. Then, she worked around each foot focusing on the reflex points. At one point I think I drifted off to sleep – it was so calming and comforting.

Emma detected I was well hydrated and that I had some upper body pain in my neck and arm – this was true as I am a runner and suffer from tension and knots in this area.

I slept fantastically and felt very zen-like for a few days.

For anyone eager to try the treatment, Emma is offering 20% off a reflexology treatment for the duration of World Reflexology Week – 20-26 September 2021.

Emma de Pfeiffer-Key at dPK Holistic Therapy