Get Active for Youth Mental Health

Get Active for Youth Mental Health

stem4 is a Wimbledon based teenage mental health charity, providing free clinically informed, trusted resources to support the mental health concerns of teenagers and young people.

The post-pandemic landscape shows a worrying increase in referrals and diagnoses of mental health disorders in this age group. Dr. Nihara Krause CEO and Founder outlines how stem4’s resources have been in considerable demand and the valuable role they play in supporting our communities.

How big is the problem? NHS Digital data (2021) indicated 1 in 6 children and young people 5-16 years presented with a probable mental ill health issue (1 in 4 adults). Anxiety disorders are most prevalent, whilst rates of eating disorders increased significantly since the first lockdown. NHS services are severely stretched, able only to deal with the most severe cases.

What makes a difference to positive outcomes? Early identification and intervention of mental ill health is a key factor. stem4 focuses on early intervention tools to prevent difficulties escalating, providing access to effective, evidence-based support for individuals experiencing or supporting someone with mental health concerns. Effective digital access extends reach and provides immediate support for parents, education and health professionals.


How do stem4 resources help? Resources are free, private, safe and co- collaboratively created with young people, enabling relatable support. Our apps suit a variety of age groups and community needs, and as self-support, are available anytime, anywhere for immediate access and relief.

How important is community support? ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. For stem4, community involvement is essential in many ways. It’s a great way to promote resource awareness, to encourage communities to enhance their in-house mental health offerings, and to encourage community giving or volunteering. We build rewarding relationships with schools, colleges and corporate partners and are delighted to ‘give back’ by offering expertise to these communities. The pandemic highlighted many social inequalities and we strive to identify and provide relevant information to those most in need, by partnering in community projects to access grants and undertake fundraising activities to boost community initiatives. With so many ways to get involved, how about taking on a challenge?

Our RideLondon-Essex100 and Big Half London places are a great way to start! Not up for a challenge? How about making a regular contribution? stem4 relies on the generosity of supporters to fund its free resources. Regular income enables us to direct funding where it’s most needed.


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