A Taste of Tokyo: 10 Great Local Restaurants for Japanese Food


Think Japanese cuisine, think sushi and ramen, correct? Well, although there is no shortage of excellent sushi and ramen in southwest London and Surrey, there’s more to Japanese food than that. Here’s our ultimate guide to the best Japanese eateries not far from you…

For a taste of Tokyo closer to home, visit these fantastic Japanese eateries in South West London and Surrey, offering a flavour of Japan’s traditions, cuisine and culture. Enjoy!



Chef/owner Haidong’s mission is to bring the unique flair of Tokyo’s Itabashi district to Teddington. Itabashi is named after a historical wooden bridge and has a distinct market style with many Izakaya’s – informal food and drinking spots – which are popular after work meeting places for drinks in Japan. At an izakaya it is traditional to find many smaller dishes that come as and when you order, without the set starter, main, dessert format. Haidong has replicated this with a relaxed menu including dishes from the kitchen such as yakitori, prawn tempura and agedashi tofu alongside dishes from the sushi bar. Their bar also serves a wonderful selection of beer, sake, wine and Japanese whisky, perfect for chilled after work drinks with friends or a meal out.


Named after the traditional Japanese festival that is used to celebrate the spirits of the ancestors with dancing, food and offerings, Obon is a celebration of another kind – of flavour and delicious Japanese dishes. Located on the Richmond Road in Kingston, this small restaurant has a cosy atmosphere that puts you instantly at ease. The sashimi and sushi lunch sets are perfect for a quick meal, or if you wish to make an occasion of it, dine from the main menu, with expertly rolled sushi such as hosomaki, uramaki and hutomaki or more adventurous options including raw fish donburi or unagi (grilled eel).

Incredible food for a celebratory feast


South Wimbledon

The much-lauded South Wimbledon restaurant combines traditional Japanese dishes with Mediterranean influences. The chef and owner of Takahashi formerly worked as head sushi chef for Nobu, and some tributes can be seen in the menu. His wife Yuko runs the front of house, creating a lovely atmosphere with simple and elegant interiors where the food is the focal point. The menu is based largely on raw and cooked fish and shellfish, as well as possible meat served on the day, with seasonal spring and summer Omakase menus. The daily menu is designed on the day, so prepare for some delicious surprises.



Self-acclaimed as the ‘taste of Tokyo in Battersea’, Kibou offers a wonderful selection of staple Japanese dishes from hot bowls of ramen, to katsu curry and poke bowls, with sushi and sashimi available handmade to order. The interiors are colourful and vibrant, featuring a geisha mural painted on exposed brick walls behind dining tables, and in the centre an izakaya which loosely translates from the kanji as a ‘stay-drink-space’ or informal bar. Here is the perfect spot to sit back and sample the extensive menu of Japanese whisky, cocktails, Yuzu, Plum wine, and Sake.

Delicious dishes to make right now


East Molesey

Originating in Korea, Yakiniku – or Japanese BBQ – is now seen as a primarily Japanese dish. This immersive dining experience centres around a grill in the middle of your table where you cook your meat, fish, or vegetables. At Sakura Yakiniku the meat arrives at your table raw for you to grill on the specialised Japanese grills which suck the air away from the table so you can enjoy a smoke-free meal. This makes for a fun and memorable dining out experience, with a menu where you can either choose by item or by set which includes rice, miso soup and salad – the Ocean Breeze set is perfect for fish lovers. For those looking for more familiar Japanese fare, or for dishes to complement their BBQ, the a la carte menu features recognisable hot and cold classics from Katsu curry to sushi.



This Japanese tea house in Wimbledon offers a calm atmosphere to enjoy Japanese teas, coffees, pastries, and cakes alongside savoury lunch dishes. Treat yourself to an afternoon dessert with a slice of one of their freshly baked cream cakes, or dorayaki, a traditional Japanese pancake stuffed with red bean paste. To drink, the bubble teas with sweet tapioca balls are intriguing and refreshing, and their matcha lattes, using matcha powder specially made in Japan are divine. If you’re still peckish the rice and udon dishes also make a perfect meal to enjoy with a friend.


New Malden

Nestled on the first floor above a pub and off the high street, Nori is a bit of a hidden gem. If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a Japanese home-style lunch with an assortment of pickles, salads, miso soup and sushi rolls, this is a lovely spot. Equally, if you are looking for a high-end modern Japanese restaurant, this is also the place. The natural designer interiors feature soft lights and wood ornamentation that create a zen atmosphere, the food is beautifully presented and there are gorgeous private dining spaces to hire for special occasions.

Succulent meats, rich gravy and all the best trimmings


Richmond, Kingston & Wimbledon

With sites in Richmond, Kingston and Wimbledon, Sticks’n’Sushi is expanding across south west London and Surrey – and with good reason. With a unique blend of traditional Japanese sushi and sashimi and elegant Danish architecture, dining there is a truly special experience. You can enjoy selections from the a la carte menu including gorgeous kani korokke (crab croquettes with wasabi Caesar) and beef taitaki with miso aioli, spring onion, root vegetable chips, shiitake and truffle ponzu. Be sure to try their light and indulgent desserts too; highlights include the dark chocolate fondant with a liquid matcha core, vanilla ice cream and matcha cookie crumble.



Complete with banquettes and a bar with a floral design, Tsunami is the perfect place to enjoy terrific Japanese food alongside a buzzy, lively atmosphere and delicious cocktails. The menu is a mouth-watering range, with the mains a selection of meats, fishes and vegetables from the konro grill with binchotan. If you’re a seafood fan, a must-try is the spicy sour seafood toban with scallops, prawns, salmon and squid. There’s also a range of handmade sushi rolls including a gorgeous soft shell crab roll.


Raynes Park

A gorgeous restaurant in Raynes Park. You can enjoy a range of traditional Japanese delights at Hoshi, from appetisers of gyoza and Japanese chicken wings to a seasonal sushi menu of handmade rolls. There’s also a wide selection of deliciously steaming noodle bowls, including an incredibly delicious nabeyaki udon with prawn tempura, spinach, fishcake, crab stick and egg in hotpot. You can also try their seasonal tasting menu with a complementary glass of wine or prosecco – 9 delicious dishes plus dessert all for £99 per head.