Review: Brindisa Battersea

Review: Brindisa Battersea

Riverside tapas with a gorgeous seasonal menu

The riverside is the perfect venue for Brindisa’s Battersea location. On a warm evening you can sit on a table outside and imagine yourself on a carefree holiday by the water, where the only thing you have to worry about is how many tapas dishes you can fit in before you burst. It’s right by the Power Station, allowing for an impressive view and adding a sense of grand otherworldliness to your surroundings.

The menu is a feast of expertly-made tapas dishes. You can choose from the classic menu, offering a range of year-round offerings, and the seasonal menu, featuring dishes made from a variety of the best seasonal ingredients. When my friend and I arrived we were both excited and overwhelmed by the abundance of choice in front of us, but at a place like Brindisa there is nothing to fear – everything will taste excellent.

We sipped a cocktail each and munched on some bar snacks as we perused the menu. My cocktail was chosen from the seasonal drinks menu: a lavender daiquiri that arrived in a cute, dainty glass complete with a delicate sprig of lavender held with a thin wooden peg. My friend’s drink was a shock of pink: a brightly coloured hibiscus margarita – both drinks, of course, reflecting the blooms of the season. Both drinks, of course, delicious.

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We opted for a selection of classic and seasonal dishes – after all, you can’t resist the allure of simple delights like patatas bravas. The classic menu certainly had some standouts: the tortilla Espanola was a wonderful slice of potato omelette, served with a yummy aioli that paired very well. The dish we both truly couldn’t stop raving about, though, was the ‘arroz negro,’ a squid ink rice dish made with Bahia rice and flavoured with lemon. It went down a treat and we both agreed it was the highlight of the night.

My favourite of the seasonal menu was undoubtedly the ‘piquillos rellenos’ – two salt cod-stuffed Navarrico piquillo peppers in tomato sauce. Delightful pockets of taste, the sweet flavour of the piquillo peppers mixed wonderfully with the saltiness of the cod and the bright burst of tomato.

Every dish is well-crafted to hone in on a particular flavour, consistently favouring taste over showiness. This, combined with the beautiful riverside location, makes a visit to Brindisa Battersea a truly special evening.