Fun learning

 Here’s 5 top resources for learning that promise to be engaging and fun

With families already in self isolation, schools shutting, or on the verge of shutting, we round-up some excellent resources and ideas for primary school aged children…


An image a day to spark plenty of creative story ideas. Children are prompted with questions such as what might happen next or, correct ‘sick’ sentences or answer a grammar query.


A really cool way to program, without needing to be technical. Kids can program their own interactive stories, games, and animations and share them with the community.

National Geographic Kids

With its user-friendly home page, kids can dive straight into to whatever topics interest them, whether that be volcanoes, tigers or rainforests. There are quizzes, too.


A great resource with educational activities and worksheets covering the whole primary curriculum.

Tour a museum – virtually

Some of the world’s biggest museums and galleries offer tours of their fantastic collections (parents should check suitability depending on the age of their child). Try the Musee D’Orsay for a wander around its famous paintings. With the likes of Degas and van Gogh, you can talk to kids about the world’s most famous artists and have them create their own pics in the artist’s style. You can also do the same at the Uffizi


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