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Parkside School

Parkside School

Surrey  |  270 pupils  |  2-4 years co-educational, 4-13 years boys

Parkside School is changing. Whilst the school’s rich history has its roots steeped in tradition, the boys (and girls in nursery) enjoy a hugely diverse and exciting curriculum which embraces and prepares them for the future.

At Parkside, computer hacking sessions in the new STEM room, set to the lilting sounds of Mozart, are a regular occurrence; as are creative engineering sessions in the DT room. This is an example of what lies at the heart of Parkside School; encouraging an empathy and understanding of the value of traditional skills, mixed with developing an innovative mindset to prepare for our ever changing future. Alongside this, is the excitement of predictions and theories, tested practically in both the state of the art science and food tech labs. Sporting excellence is practised in the vast grounds of the School, whilst weekly swimming and water polo lessons add to the rich tapestry of the curriculum.

Music and laughter fill the corridors of this exquisite school set in 45 acres of stunning countryside. As Nicole Janssen (the Head Teacher since January this year) confirms; “It is a wonderful environment where the children’s curiosity is awakened. Their journey is one of discovery; where talents and passions are nurtured and developed and our pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning.”

Parkside School - Time & Leisure Schools Guide

A genuine pride for each and every pupil who attends the school is clear, and their achievements are celebrated whether they are academic, creative, pastoral, sporting or based around the importance of etiquette, good manners and character building. The Class of 2019, saw 41% of leavers achieving scholarship status for their senior school, with a 100% pass rate in their Common Entrance exams.  This is a direct result of a unique and innovative curriculum delivered through the inspired teaching of a passionate and dedicated staff team; underpinned by the ‘make it happen’ mantra led by the Head.

Parental involvement plays a fundamental part in enhancing the children’s experience at Parkside, and results in a real sense of belonging and loyalty rarely achieved by a day school.

Ms Janssen states “(the children) develop the courage to rise to each challenge, persevere when the going gets tough and face their fears with confidence. We catch them when they fall and guide them back on their individual journey.”

“Our pupils see their future in terms of unlimited options rather than curtailed ambitions.”

Being part of the ‘Parkside Family’ is a privilege, but not one which is taken for granted. The importance of recognising the wider community and world we live in, serves to teach valuable life lessons about appreciation and gratitude rather than entitlement. This, as a result, means that Parkside boys leave as well rounded, exceptional individuals with solid foundations and outstanding moral fibre.

Parkside school


Cobham, Surrey. Set in 45 acres of beautiful Surrey Countryside


Ms Nicole Janssen (Head since January 2019)




2-13 years, 2-4 years co-educational, 4-13 years boys


£440 – £5,703

REGISTRATION or call 01932 862749 to arrange a personal tour


Entrance assessment and ‘taster day’

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