The Rowans School

The Rowans School

The Rowans School

Wimbledon  I   122 Pupils  I   3-7 years co-educational

The Rowans School offers an excellent educational experience to both boys and girls aged between 3 and 7. Situated in a quiet road in Wimbledon, with beautiful grounds and large landscaped gardens.

The Rowans prides itself in providing a nurturing and welcoming start to school life, especially during those early years when key social skills and attitudes are acquired and developed for life. We have a long-standing reputation for academic and all-round excellence and every teacher takes great pride in the achievements of each child.

The Rowans School

Our priority is the well-being and happiness of each child. A child’s sense of security, belonging and being valued is paramount to their success. We celebrate our culturally diverse community, allowing the children to develop a strong sense of self and also develop the attitudes to be outward looking both locally and globally. Our aim is to inspire each child to achieve their full potential and to prepare them to meet the challenges that they will experience at the next stage of their education with confidence and high self-esteem. This is achieved within a stimulating, creative, happy, caring and respectful environment where children are encouraged and motivated to try new challenges.

The Rowans School

Our curriculum is designed to build strong and secure academic foundations and enhance your child’s natural curiosity. The recognition that children learn best through play and discovery underpins the education in the Early Years. Our Kindergarten class begins a bespoke programme which continues through the Reception year. This lays the foundations for learning and allows your child to develop the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for the more formalised teaching and learning methods that take place as they move through the School. We aim to achieve the highest academic prospects for each child through well-structured teaching and learning techniques. Our curriculum not only ensures that the children are well prepared academically for the entry requirements to their next school at the age of 7+, but that they have also had the breadth of experience to equip them a love of learning and many life skills to take forward with them.

The Rowans School

What makes The Rowans right for your child?

  • Co-educational environment for 3-7 year olds
  • Our nurturing yet aspirational approach
  • Happy, well-rounded and curious children
  • A strong community that celebrates its diversity
  • The highest standards of teaching with specialist lessons in Sport, Music and French
  • By choosing a pre-prep, our parents gain time to see their child develop and learn more about their character and learning dispositions in order to choose the right school to take them forward into Junior and then Senior education.
  • By choosing a pre-prep, our children gain a personal introduction to school life and learning, and the opportunity to develop key life skills as they rise through to the top of the school to take on positions of responsibility and become ambassadors for the School at the ages of 6 and 7.
The Rowans School

“The Rowans is a very special place. The School has the magical combination of offering a strong academic grounding in an extraordinary, nurturing environment that brings out the best in a child. Teachers and staff take great care to really get to know each child and make the School just that much more special for them.”
A Rowans’ Parent

The Rowans School
19 Drax Avenue, Wimbledon, London SW20 0EG  T:
020 8946 8220  |

The Rowans School


19 Drax Avenue, Wimbledon SW20 0EG


Miss Elizabeth Spratt 
BMus PGCE Primary QTS


122 boys and girls


3-7 years of age


Kindergarten mornings £2,960, additional afternoon sessions £449
Reception – Year Two £4,925


Registrations are accepted from birth, as soon as the Birth Certificate is available. There are a limited number of places on offer, so parents are advised to complete the Registration Form as soon as possible – click here.


Kindergarten places are allocated on a ‘first come, first served basis’ where we look at the number of days between the date of birth and the date of registration with us. The Rowans is co-educational, so we aim to maintain a good balance of girls and boys where possible.

We have an additional intake at Reception. Selection for places in classes from Reception upwards is based on a child’s potential to thrive in our School environment, which is established through an assessment session, as well as a report from their nursery or current school.

Occasional places arise from time to time in the older year groups. Parents should contact the School Office for current details of availability.

We warmly invite you to meet the Head and have a tour of the School at one of the weekly show-rounds. If you are interested in a tour of the School please email the registrar at to book a place. You can also gain a flavour of life at the School by visiting our website to view our School video – click here.

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